How To Baby Proof Your Home? Mar 08, 2016 By  Fenesta

How To Baby Proof Your Home?

With a child in the home, especially an infant, one needs to make sure that the surroundings are baby proof to ensure the child's safety. Children as they get to the stage where they want to explore will get into almost just about anything and in order to make sure that they are protected steps need to be taken around the house.

Keeping that in mind, here are a few tips on how to baby proof ones' home and provide that environment:

  • Cabinets are one place where babies love to get into. Secure the doors of all cabinets by additional childproof locks and devices. In addition to this move all dangerous substances especially in the kitchen and bathroom and place them at a higher level where the child cannot reach.
  • Keep all cords out of reach. Babies have a special fascination for cords and electrical sockets and go for them almost instantly. Cover all electrical sockets and tie up all cords to prevent accidents.
  • Remove all glass furniture like glass tables or decorative pieces from around the area where the baby can reach. Also, get rid of furniture with sharp edges.
  • If there are rugs on the floor they should be secured by attaching a non-skid backing and any loose tiles etc should be repaired instantly.
  • Install stove knobs and stove guards to avoid the possibility of any burns. Kids love to touch hot stove plates and this can be a potential hazard.
  • Buy and install baby gates to block access to areas like the kitchen and also use them at the top and bottom of stairs.

While using these steps to baby-proof go a long way in securing the home, yet at the same time it is important to note that babies need to be watched all the time. Careful attention and a keen eye is the best way to avoid any potential accidents and this has to be maintained.

Have a baby in the house? Use these steps above to baby proof the home and make it safe for the child today!



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