How Can I Make My Home Soundproof? Feb 20, 2019 By  Fenesta

How Can I Make My Home Soundproof?

Despite the fact that our lives are much more convenient at present as compared to what people had a century or more back, we cannot ignore the downsides that modernity has brought along. Noise pollution, for one, has increasingly become an invasive and annoying issue, especially for city dwellers.

Right from blaring horns of vehicles passing by, planes flying overhead to booming stereos of the next-door neighbor; noise pollution comes in many annoying forms, and has become a stark and consistent reality of our everyday lives.

Amidst all the noise and confusion, our homes remain the only place wherein we can hope to find some calm and quiet. But if your home has been invaded by noise pollution too, then what do you do? Here are a few tips: –

Weatherproof the Main Entrance


Sound-proofing one’s home against all the noise outside is definitely a viable solution for tackling the problem of noise pollution. And if you are wondering as to where you should begin, then the answer is – the main door of your house.

If you have been bothered by conversations taking place in the hallway of the floor you live on, this could mean that there are big air gaps in your front door. Sealing off these gaps will give you respite from all the chatter outside. You can also seal away any large gaps that might be present under your apartment door, using a door sweep.

Buy Some Curtains


Although curtains are not specifically known for keeping out the noise, adding some curtains to the doors in your house will add another layer to your soundproofing efforts. The right product for this job would be some heavy blackout curtains.

You can also find acoustic curtains in the market to aid in some heavy-duty sound-proofing of windows in your house.

Lessening Reflected Noise

The thing about the noise that you need to know is that it reflects off surfaces, including those of walls, ceilings and floors. Hence, to successfully seal away noise from disrupting the peace within your house, you need to check on this reflected noise. To achieve this, you can start with covering these surfaces with something soft, such as shag rug for ceiling and rubber textile mats for walls. These will not only absorb any racket from the outside, but also that within the apartment.

Soundproof the Door to your Bedroom(s)


When it comes to soundproofing, you obviously cannot forget the bedrooms within your home. Just like the main entrance of your place, gaps under any of the doors within, serve as a means for letting in noise. To soundproof doors to your bedrooms and other regions within the house, fill these gaps with draft stoppers. You can make one of these on your own, or simply purchase one.

Install Modern Windows and Doors

Windows and doors are generally the weakest spots within any house, responsible for letting noise inside. Unlike traditional doors and windows, modern ones, like those made of UPVC, are designed to lock the noise out of the house. To ensure the same, these modern windows and doors have features like multiple point locking systems, double sealing, silicone sealing, fusion welding, and laminated glass, and so on.

In the end, to properly do away with the problem of noise pollution, you need to focus on smaller and seemingly insignificant issues too. Fixing the noisy pipes or taking care of squeaky floors will help make your noise reducing initiatives more successful.

Now that you have all the tricks and tips in place, we hope you have a calm and racket-free place of living within your home.



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