Window Replacement A Big No? We Have 5 Convincing Reasons! Mar 08, 2016 By  Fenesta

Window Replacement A Big No? We Have 5 Convincing Reasons!

Replacing the windows of your home can be a big project. This is especially true, if the remodeling has to be done throughout the house. Taking down your existing ones and putting in replacement windows warrants some thinking. What is important however is that deterred by the scale of the project, one should not delay it unnecessarily.

A lot of times, people can be in denial and think that the windows in their home are perfectly fine. One of the reasons for this could also be the budget. When exploring the cost of uPVC windows in India, the cost involved can put a hold on things.

No matter what it is though, there are certain factors that need to be considered and if any or most of those are true, then whatever one might think, it actually is the right time for putting in replacement windows. Consider these:

  1. If your home feels especially drafty, then something is amiss. While it's ok for a little bit of air to get in, if you can notice or feel the air too much, it means that your windows are wearing out.
  2. If you have trouble in opening and shutting the windows, it is definitely a sign of the fact that they have given in and need to be replaced. It`s about time you went out there and checked out the cost of uPVC windows and got them installed.
  3. For existing windows that are double or triple paned, any condensation or fog between the glass panels is a bad sign. This can be due to seal failure and either the glass or the entire window will require replacement, depending on how bad the issue is.
  4. If you see a considerable rise in your energy bill over times, it could indicate that the windows are not as energy efficient as they should be. Whether in India or overseas, the cost of rising power is a good enough reason to go ahead with the required changes.
  5. The security of your home is linked to the quality of the windows. Old rickety windows that are not well secured can be a massive security hazard and can lead to easy break-ins.

Convinced yet? If any or most of these are true, you need to replace your windows for sure. Get out there and start on your project asap!


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