Best Office Door Design Ideas We Could Find Mar 07, 2016 By  Fenesta

Best Office Door Design Ideas We Could Find

Like everything in the interior design world, office decor too has undergone a change over the years. Trends have evolved and newer and fresher ideas have been incorporated. This holds true for office doors and even with windows, there is a more contemporary approach when it comes to design.

There was a time when wooden doors or metal doors were the sole occupants of an office but does not hold true anymore. In fact here are some office door designs that we found that are out of the box and creative. Use these for inspiration or just for smart ideation:


Office doors that are a combination of wood and glass look elegant and smart and this is something that can be used with windows as well. This design helps create a more open feel for the entire office.


And then there is the full glass door for a very modern, contemporary look. This kind of door can make an office space look bigger than it actually is as glass creates that illusion.


While metal doors can be considered more secure, a double sliding door as shown in the picture above is an excellent option both form design as aesthetics point of view.

Depending on whether one is searching for a big corporate office or a personal home office, the kind of door chosen will put the final look together. That is one reason why a lot of effort and care needs to go into making that choice. The results that you get will satisfy for a long time to come.

Looking for a modern office door? Get out there and do your research to choose one today!


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