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10 Home Cleaning Tips

10 Simple Home-cleaning Tips for Working Professionals

Balance your home and work with ease

c of sentiments the term ‘home’ triggers, it suffices to say that it must be a place offering cleanliness, comfort, security and aesthetics in equal measure.

Working professionals with full-time jobs rarely have the luxury of being perfectionists at home. Here are some tips guaranteed to making life easier when one has to juggle with the home and the workplace:

Start at the Top and Work Towards the Bottom

This sounds simplistic but working from top to bottom is simply using time efficiently. Start with the ceiling fan, work your way downwards to the wall-lamps and eventually the corners and the floor tiles. This also ensures that you clean the dust that falls from above at one go.

Start From the Back of the Room and Work Towards the Front

Similar to cleaning from top to bottom, it’s a tip to ensure you don’t end up re-doing things repeatedly. For instance, back up in the direction of the door while you vacuum.

Clean One Room at a Time

Doing one room at a time helps. Finishing it completely before moving to another room will give you a sense of satisfaction. Just in case you’re interrupted, you have only one unfinished room instead of several.

Use the Right Cleaning Solution

Having some knowledge about the right solution for the right surface is a good starting point on one’s cleanliness drive. Bleach and ammonia for instance should never be combined. Some solutions can actually damage surfaces rather than clean them.

Make Each Move Count in a Single Direction

Moving in a single direction helps. Instead of being all over the place and missing spots, leaving cleaning items and tools behind, and eventually revisiting areas, you can utilize time efficiently by working in a single direction, e.g. towards the door. Simply put, make each move count.

Wipe Surfaces Dry

Drying the surfaces instead of letting it air-dry can give it a cleaner look and can halt the growth of bacteria especially in the kitchen or bath.

Don't Multitask While Cleaning

Planning to handle the laundry along with cleaning the rooms can be very distracting, so room-cleaning deserves some exclusivity, simply because it contains so many elements e.g. the roof, the ceiling fans, the cupboards etc.

Circle Clockwise Around in the Kitchen

For speed in the kitchen, old hands will advise you to start on the right side of your stove, and then move clockwise around the kitchen. The stove is probably the greasiest part of the kitchen, so ending with it keeps you from spreading dirt.

Pans and knobs can be soaked in warm soapy water first. By the time you’re done with the other items in the kitchen, they'll be easier to clean.

2_1 Mopping Spills Immediately Can Prevent Hard Stains

Love Your Oven

It has been said that the heart of the kitchen is the oven. One can keep it clean by lining the bottom with a non-stick oven-liner. The liner can be wiped with a paper towel, washed and reused several times.

Disinfect the Dustbin

To get rid of odors, a practical tip is drop in a cut slice of lemon, some salt and ice cubes into the bin. The lemon plays the role of deodorizer, while the ice and salt clean away residual matter.

Tighten Windows and Doors

Here is a choice and not a chore. Make sure all your windows and doors are airtight and preferably dust-proof. This helps to keep your home clean for longer.

Airtight Windows for Cleaner Homes...


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