Interior Design Ideas: The Perfect Curtain Fabrics For Winter Mar 10, 2016 By  Fenesta

Interior Design Ideas: The Perfect Curtain Fabrics For Winter

With every changing season, there are certain aspects of the home that need to be taken care of. One such element is the furnishings, from drapes to upholstery to bedding etc. Talking about window interior design, it is natural that for winter the curtains need to be of materials that help keep the cold out and keep the home warm and cozy. If one talks to any UPVC windows manufacturer in Chennai or anywhere else in India for that matter they will advice that while having high performance windows in winter definitely helps in tackling the cold, a good set of curtains can provide additional protection. Talking about the kind of fabrics that one should go for in winter, heavy curtains should be the choice. Materials like jacquard, heavy-set twill and the likes are a great option.  Even designers who practice window interior design usually recommend these types of drapes that help keep the draft out in winter. curtain-blog What also makes sense is to use curtains that are thermal lined. A great ally in the winter months these insulated curtains stop cold currents from getting into your home. Because these are created of a texture that is firmer and thicker as compared to other drape fabrics and are also lined in addition to that, the cold air gets trapped between the curtain and the walls and falls down to the floor. Most thermal lined curtains now come in a variety of beautiful designs and colors, so what it means is that having these curtains in your home does not mean that you are going to be stuck with ugly drapes in your home. Preserving ones` home in winter and keeping it warm and cozy is high priority for all. Taking small steps towards this can really help achieve the goal of a beautiful, warm home that is going to be enjoyed by all. Want a warm winter home? Try out the thermal drapes and enjoy the season to the fullest! For more knowledge about curtain visit here


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