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Fenesta brings to you a range of gorgeous looking upvc home window designs that will transform your home and protect you from the world outside by insulating against noise, dust, rain, pollution and rising energy costs. Our innovative window solutions span across designs ranging from sliders to casements bays tilt-and-turns villa until combination windows. You can select any of these designs and customise them according to the interiors of your home. Come, explore our world of upvc windows, install them in your home and feel the difference .

  • Works of Art, Made by Science

    Our high performance products add an architectural dimension to the home. They keep out street noise, dust and pollution, rain and gale force winds, are extremely energy efficient, low maintenance and long lasting.

  • Series

    Fenesta's range of products is offered in three distinctive types of series - Premium, Luxury and Super Luxury. Depending on the size of aperture, wind load, insulation requirement, design requirements and aesthetic value you can choose the series most suitable for your needs.

  • Gallery

    Take a look at our creations, browse through our gallery, view Fenesta in real settings and find your inspiration.

  • Reviews

    Read what some of our customers have to say about us and why they prefer Fenesta over others.