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This is your hub for knowledge and information on windows and doors. Over the years, Fenesta has developed a unique understanding of how they work. This knowledge is shared through this section to help you learn what features and materials enable windows and doors to contribute to your home's comfort

What Is System Aluminium


Aluminium, as an element, is extremely light with high strength to density ratio. It's a versatile material which is sustainable in nature. And enjoys superior longevity. In fact, powder coated Aluminium offers more than 30 years of guaranteed life and anodising can extend it by at least another 5 years. Characteristics like these have made it a preferred choice for the real estate sector. Since 1930, Aluminium has been used in the construction of several iconic landmarks like the Empire State Building!

Benefits of Aluminium Series:

The benefits of choosing Fenesta Aluminium Series are truly diverse

A. Thermal Performance

High performance Aluminium windows meet or exceed energy efficiency standards. These windows and doors effortlessly achieve improvements in heat gain and loss through windows by up to 60% giving a tough competition to wooden windows.

B. Reduces Carbon Footprint

The biggest environmental benefit of Aluminium windows is of energy saving. On an average, Aluminium windows with double glazing help you save energy almost thrice of what is required to produce Aluminium frames. With time, the energy savings offset the initial energy input by over 100 times. For homes with electrical heating / cooling or for homes in hot climates, savings can amount to as high as 300 times!

C. Durability and Low Maintenance

Aluminium is corrosion resistant which makes this material low maintenance. Fenesta's Aluminium windows are resistant to wear and tear caused by the harsh weather. They do not split, crack, swell or lose shape ensuring durability and elongated product life.

D. Design Flexibility

With Aluminium framing options, you cannot limit your imagination. It possesses an inherent strength of flexibility hence making the manufacturing of windows and doors possible to exact specifications. With an endless array of systems, finishes and glass options, Aluminium offers a vast range of opportunities. From the cost-effective to most elaborate systems, Fenesta Aluminium Series also delivers excellent thermal performance.

E. Recyclability

Aluminium is known as to have the highest recycling ability with least amount of energy required. As a result, it is environmentally sustainable and 'green'. This inherent property differentiates it from other framing resources.