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uPVC Glass to Glass Window

Glass to glass window is an arrangement of glass windows where they meet at a 90° angle at the corner of a room. These glass windows are joined without the use of any mullions. This arrangement helps in enhancing the amount of light entering your home, remarkably enhancing its overall aesthetic value.

Features & Benefits

The major benefits of having a glass to glass window installed in your home include: -

  • Glass to glass corner windows provide a better view
  • Helps increase the aesthetic value of your house
  • It allows more light to enter your house which is important for your health
  • The glass is weather resistant and the window setup is not susceptible to rust
  • You get a lot of designs and colour options in glass to glass corner windows

Recommended For

  • Perfect for any corner room of the house

Available Design

More Available on Request

Replacement of uPVC Glass Windows

There are a few important things that you should keep in mind when going for uPVC glass window replacement:

  • Check the internal beading of the profile because this prevents glass removal from the outside after fitting the glass in the uPVC window.
  • Check the procedure that will be undertaken for putting the replacement glass in your uPVC window, and
  • Take an estimate of the overall cost of the entire process.