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uPVC Low Threshold Slider Doors

Low threshold slider doors are one of the most popular uPVC door designs that people opt for these days. As the name suggests, uPVC low threshold slider doors are designed in a way that they have a lower threshold than other doors. The installation of a low threshold slider door is generally done to facilitate easier access from the door....

However, with the range of uPVC low threshold slider doors by Fenesta, you do not have to compromise of functionality, durability, ease of use, quality, or even aesthetic. Fenesta has a comprehensive range of chic, stylish and highly durable uPVC threshold slider doors that you can explore to find the one that would fit perfectly into the existing architecture of your home. Our range of uPVC threshold slider doors are the best choice for complementing the design of any contemporary space, and to ensure the same, our fenestration experts take exact measurements of the aperture for the installation of the low threshold slider doors and each door is then custom-made to suit those measurements to ensure you get completely secure and insulated fixtures.

The cost of low threshold slider doors in India depends on the size of the door, and the design and style that have been chosen.

With the highest quality, precision, and complete customer satisfaction, the cost of low threshold slider doors by Fenesta offers value for money.

Features & Benefits

  • With a low threshold, these doors offer easy access to everyone
  • An uninterrupted view of the open outdoors
  • Allows enough natural light to enter the room
  • High acoustic and thermal insulation
  • Enhanced security with multiple points locking systems
  • Will not warp, rust, contract, or expand with the changing seasons
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Sturdy and durable

Recommended For

  • Balconies, Villas, Luxury Bungalows and Large Openings

Available Design

More Available on Request