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Doors can be much more than mere entry and exit points to your house. A testament to that fact can be found in the designs of our lift and slide doors. The lift and slide doors by Fenesta provide homes with easier accessibility for all people and offer a much sleeker appearance, which in turn enhances the aesthetic appeal and beauty of the façade of your home. ...

Lift and Slide doors have a unique construction owing to their lift mechanism. This lift mechanism functions by unlocking the knob and lifting the door off its seal to push or pull it almost effortlessly, as you see fit. Besides the ease of opening lift and slide patio doors, the locking mechanism is equally effortless; you only need to push it shut.

Features & Benefits

  • The uPVC lift and slide doors offer the perfect blend of form and function
  • Fenesta offers modern and stylish designs at great prices for lift and slide doors
  • The manufacturing process for lift and slide doors at Fenesta ensures dependability
  • Superior construction, excellent durability, and chic designs
  • The lift and slide doors also ensure enhanced security
  • Constructed with top grade materials that justify the cost of lift and slide doors by Fenesta
  • Enhanced sound insulation offered by Fenesta’s lift and slide patio doors does not cost extra yet helps create a better ambience inside your house.

Recommended For

  • Balconies, Villas, Luxury Bungalows and Large Openings

Available Design

More Available on Request

Why Choose uPVC Lift and Slide Doors?

When you shop for lift and slide doors with Fenesta, you shop for nothing less than the best. One of the immediate benefits of the lift and slide door installation that you will observe is the unequivocal ease of opening and closing the doors. What’s more, lift and slide glass doors by Fenesta bring in a voguish charm to your house and are some of the best lift and slide doors available in the Indian fenestration market. ... Quality designs are complemented by superior construction practices courtesy of fenestration experts and the best of manufacturing equipment at Fenesta. As the leading lift and slide door manufacturers in the country, we make sure to offer unmatched durability for our lift and slide doors in India while also being cost-effective.

Another aspect that our doors excel at, apart from superior construction, excellent durability, and chic designs, is security. Owing to the exceptional construction and use of the best materials, doors by Fenesta offer an enhanced security aspect, which makes the cost of the lift and slide doors completely worth the expense. All lift and slide door designs by Fenesta also ensure ultimate sound proofing creating a comfortable ambience inside the home.