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uPVC Designer door


Fenesta is introducing a single door which suits all needs without compromising on performance. The Fenesta Designer door can be used in your entrance, in rooms, bathrooms, kitchens as well any other area. These doors have insert panel which is having hard skin of UPVC with core filled with foam for high insulation. The Surface can have customized design to have contemporary look. The product is also available with Fenesta Wood grain finish of Walnut, Light Oak and Mahogany foiled on Al surface with foam core for durability and performance in Indian tropical climate.

The new-age wood substitute

Timber-like grains on a Fenesta Door impart the feel of expensive wood. That's where the comparison with wood ends. Unlike wood, the Fenesta door doesn't wrap, contract or expand. It retains its share and sheen for decades.

Why Should Not You Go For Wooden Doors

  • Wood shrinks and swells as the weather changes
  • Requires high maintenance
  • Open to termite attacks
  • Good wood is expensive and difficult to find and identify
  • The use of wood promotes deforestation, leading to ecological imbalances

Available Colors

Available Sizes

  • Maximum door sizes (For Foil Finish) - 1165 x 2365 (mm)
  • Minimum door size (Only in White Finish) - 1266 x 2566 (mm)

Glass style

  • Glass options and accessories available on demand

When you choose a Fenesta door, you bring home


  • Your signature style
  • Contemporary designs
  • A wide selection of colors


  • Strength from its manufacturing
  • High impact resistant door skins
  • Stability, whatever the weather conditions


  • Secured-by-design
  • Special tamper proof and 'bump' proof locks cylinders
  • Introducing hook locks for first time in India


  • Weather endurance: Made for Indian climatic conditions
  • Negligible maintenance
  • Termite resistance
  • Thermal insulation; Lower energy costs