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We are committed to providing the best solutions for every home in India. Supreme quality and incredible features is the hallmark that makes us India's No.1 window brand. Read on. Discover how our windows and doors can transform your home and the way you live

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Sound Insulation

Create your own peaceful retreat

In today's chaotic world, it is hard to find a place where you can sit and enjoy peace and quiet. Noises from neighbours, traffic, railway lines, industrial units, loudspeakers, pubs and aircraft constantly intrude our lives and hamper the serenity we so desperately desire.

Windows and doors are usually the weakest point of sound insulation in the home and the problem gets worse with traditional windows or doors which have gaps even when closed. The gaps - a result of flaws in design, construction or installation - allow easy passage for noise to just barge in and destroy the tranquillity of a home.

Not so with Fenesta windows and doors, which when closed block out the outside disturbances, creating a comfortable environment to concentrate, enable a peaceful night's sleep, relax and enhance your quality of life. Below are the features that help Fenesta protect you from your city:

  • Fusion Welded

    Fenesta products are factory made with multi-chambered profiles and fusion welded joints to improve overall sealing

  • Double Sealing

    The multiple point locking systems and double seals ensure casement windows and doors are tightly shut to cut out outside noise

  • Silicone Sealant

    All gaps between the window/door unit and the wall are filled with a special silicone sealant

  • Laminated Glass

    Can also be fitted with Laminated or Double glazed laminated glass that can reduce unwanted noise levels by manifolds

Result:Noise insulation can be increased up to 40 STC*, as the outside noise has a minimal passage to enter into your home, allowing you to sleep peacefully, enjoy solitude and reduce stress. In short your home gets transformed into a peaceful haven.