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This is your hub for knowledge and information on windows and doors. Over the years, Fenesta has developed a unique understanding of how they work. This knowledge is shared through this section to help you learn what features and materials enable windows and doors to contribute to your home's comfort

Site Readiness

Why is the installation process of windows so critical?:

Installing a window correctly is as important as buying the right window. A badly installed window leaves gaps between frame and aperture, through which dust and noise can invade your home. That is why Fenesta’s installation process is designed in such a way that it ensures that no such performance barrier stands in the way for decades.

What is a site survey? Why is it important?:

A site survey refers to a feasibility check that is done to ensure a smooth installation process. This also includes the arrangements for shifting and the safe storage of window,. This process also includes taking precise measurements of each aperture. These measurements are then used for the fabrication of windows.

Unlike any other windows, Fenesta windows are made to ensure precise dimensions, right up to the last millimetre. Therefore, the measurements of each opening have to be precise. This is why a site survey is an absolute must to ensure feasibility and to check and correct the measurements of the windows.

When is an aperture ready for measurements:

To ensure accuracy, the window aperture has to be ‘ready’ for measurement. ‘Being ready’ implies that the following have been done:

  • Complete plastering
  • Laying down of any stones/tiles on window sills
  • The first coat of paint has been done
  • The POP should have been applied, in case the window openings have a POP finish
  • The flooring should have been completed, in case the doors/windows start from the floor level
  • The opening should be in straight lines, horizontally (parallel to the floor) and vertically (at right angles to the floor)

Measurements can only be taken when the site is ready. This is done to avoid any mismatch between the aperture and the window.

Note: If you plan to make alterations to the aperture, do it before the site survey. Making changes after the measurements have been taken is not at all advisable as it would affect the fitting of the finished product.

What happens if the measurements are taken too soon?

Very often, civil contractors prefer early measurements of window apertures. The tendency here is to leave a small margin for the plastering and the tiles.

Why should you avoid it? Estimations of this kind are fraught with risk, since even a minor change in the size of the aperture means that either the window has to be reordered, or the aperture measurements have to be changed. Both options can result in unnecessary costs and loss of time for you.

Will Fenesta take measurements if the site is not ready?

If our prescribed conditions for ‘site readiness’ aren’t met, it defeats the whole purpose of taking measurements, which is why we don’t do it at Fenesta. As iterated before, this is done keeping your best interest in mind.

What happens after the site survey?

Once the surveyor has carried out the measurement exercise, he records it in a document that is mutually signed by both the parties. He hands a copy of the measurements to you for your records. The document also specifies the delivery timelines.

This information forms the basis of the technical drawings that are used by the factory to produce your windows.

What precautions should I take for the storage of windows?

Fenesta windows are securely packed at the time of delivery. Please make sure that they are kept away from direct sunlight, as the heat trapped between the packing and the windows can harm the profiles.

How do I learn to operate the windows correctly?

The Installation Retail Engineers from Fenesta will provide you a practical demonstration at the time of installation. Also, you should look out for the lock usage stickers below the locks. Fenesta also gives you a ‘Fenesta Care Kit’ that contains a Cleaning Solution, Fenesta Oil, Cleaning Brush and a Cloth.