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Fenesta Series

Fenesta's range of products is offered in three distinctive types of series - Premium, Luxury and Super Luxury. Depending on the size of aperture, wind load, insulation requirement, design requirements and aesthetic value you can choose the series most suitable for your needs.

Premium Series

The Fenesta Premium Series is a value priced product suited to meet your needs for living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens. Prepared from a unique UPVC blend, this series is designed to handle wind loads upto 2000* pascals, making it weather resistant, energy efficient, UV resistant, low maintenance and outlast buildings. Products made from Premium Series retain their shape and sheen for years together. Professional installation by the Fenesta installation team further ensures insulation against noise, dust and pollution.


  • Made from UV resistant UPVC to withstand India's extreme climate
  • Superior insulation from outside heat as UPVC is a poor conductor of heat
  • Very low thermal expansion/contraction, retains shape, sheen and color for years
  • Integrated insect screen solution to keep out mosquitoes and flies
  • Multipoint locks and air-tight seals keep out noise, dust, rain and pollution
  • Multi-chambered profiles, fusion welded joints and double/triple glazing options
  • Termite resistant and low maintenance; requires no painting, only routine cleaning
  • Sleek to look at, smooth to operate and long term durability

Luxury Series

The Fenesta Luxury Series is a unique combination of aesthetics and performance. Owing to its thicker profile and additional strength, Luxury series has design possibilities superior to that of the Premium Series and therefore is more versatile.


  • Extremely energy efficient with superior sound insulation properties
  • Ideal for large openings like balconies, monsoon prone areas and high rise buildings
  • Giant windows are possible, stretching from floor to ceiling and spanning entire balconies, providing better views and ample sunlight
  • For high rise buildings open to high velocity winds, it comes with an added option of a Hurricane bar for additional structural strength
  • Features an innovative drainage mechanism comprising of rain track and sill arrangement to block rainwater seepage into the home
  • High aesthetic value
  • Can withstand windloads of upto 3000* Pascals.
  • Includes all features and benefits offered by Premium Series.

Super Luxury Series

A rare combination of style, substance, sealing and security; Super Luxury Series is Fenesta's most luxurious offering. It complements your home architecture with contemporary and stunning looking doors and windows, which also shield the home from outside noise, dust, rain, wind, pollution and rising energy costs. A perfect solution for Indian villas, bungalows, pent houses and luxury apartments, these custom-crafted high-performance products bring about style, glamour and the much needed comfort for your living space.


  • Contemporary designs
  • Exclusive products available in this range only
  • Extremely energy efficient
  • Far superior insulation and weather resistant properties
  • Dual UPVC window with a twin sash, a bug mesh and a grill built into one system
  • Extremely pleasing to eyes with very high aesthetic value
  • Includes all features and benefits offered by Luxury Series