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We are committed to providing the best solutions for every home in India. Supreme quality and incredible features is the hallmark that makes us India's No.1 window brand. Read on. Discover how our windows and doors can transform your home and the way you live

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Prevent Dust Buildup

Stay Clean, Stay Happy - Make your home safe and healthier

Homes in India are troubled by dust all-round the year. The wind brings with it dust from construction sites, industries, stone quarries, pollen, vehicular traffic and even the occasional dust storms

Dust can be pretty troublesome. Apart from hours of effort in cleaning, it also reduces the life of curtains, upholstery and carpets. It also impacts your health - adversely giving rise to chronic illness like asthma. Today small children are also getting affected by it. Your fight against dust is a losing battle. You wipe your living room clean only to see a film of dust settle on furniture and the floor within minutes. Or you return from a vacation to a home laden with dust. The only way to keep dust out is to not let it in.

The problem is that dust enters through cracks in the old windows and doors. Switch to Fenesta and the problem is hugely reduced (much like it is in the modern car) owing to its following features which ensure dust has no entry passage into your home.

  • Double Sealing

    Fenesta products are double sealed with EDPM / TPE gaskets and joints are fusion welded ensuring no gaps remain anywhere.

  • Multi-Lock points

    Our windows and doors have multipoint locking system to ensure tight shutting down.

  • Silicon Sealant

    All gaps between the window/door unit and the wall are filled with a special silicon sealant.

  • International Quality Standards

    All our products are manufactured in state of the art factories. There is no area of glitch in any piece because the process of manufacture abides by the toughest international quality standards.

Result:Overall the aesthetics of your home improve as your favourite furniture; show pieces, upholstery and carpeting can remain dust free if you keep your Fenesta windows and doors closed.