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We are committed to providing the best solutions for every home in India. Supreme quality and incredible features is the hallmark that makes us India's No.1 window brand. Read on. Discover how our windows and doors can transform your home and the way you live

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Negligible Maintenance

No Painting, No Polishing, No Maintenance Headaches - Optimised for Long Life Performance

India happens to be situated in one of the highest UV receiving regions of the world. Solar radiation is far higher in India than other parts of the world (see the map). India also experiences climatic extremes - In summers temperature soar to as high as 50degree C in northern parts of the country and in winters temperatures in hills often fall below freezing point.

To overcome the severity of these conditions, Fenesta has created a special UV resistant UPVC blend, a unique tropical formulation that stands up to extreme radiation year after year and makes the windows and doors fade resistant, low maintenance requiring no paint or polish. The blend contains some special additives namely:

  • Titanium dioxide

    for a stable colour all through intense UV exposure for years.

  • Impact modifiers

    provide strength to the windows and doors to sustain impact loads even at sub-zero temperatures. All the frames and sashes are steel reinforced to provide a tough exterior.

  • Formulation Optimization

    UPVC blend ensure that the shape and lustre of Fenesta products remain intact through the wide temperature fluctuations.


Apart from these chemicals, some physical attributes of a Fenesta weather resistant product are:

  • Fenesta windows and doors are termite resistant and do not corrode

  • Precision manufacturing and installations ensures proper sealing between window/door and walls providing complete insulation against noise, dust, wind, heat and pollution

  • Equipped with special rain track mechanism to block rain water seepage and reinforced with hurricane bar to withstand wind speeds up to 250 km/h

Result:Your windows and doors keep looking as good as new for years together and even outlast the building. For maintenance of Fenesta windows and doors, refer Fenesta Maintenance guidelines. Mostly routine cleaning of dirt / dust from the surface will keep windows working year after year.