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Best wooden door designs for your home

The wooden door has been a design staple in homes for centuries and is often a popular choice even today. However, it does have several functional disadvantages and therefore alternate options are slowly taking over. Going by aesthetics alone, there are plenty of wood doors designs to choose from, so pick the one that suits your needs and your design sensibilities the best. Here are a few options in wooden door design:

Panel doors: Panel doors are those which are constructed with horizontal and vertical wooden planks, called rails and stiles respectively. They not only make a door look good, they also offer more strength to it, allowing for expansion and contraction with weather changes. Panel doors make room for versatile door design in wood. Therefore you can achieve a variety of looks, including carving, moulding, beading, glass panels etc. They go beautifully with classic and modern interior design.

Louvered wooden doors: These look gorgeous if you want to achieve either a colonial or a Mediterranean look in your home. You can paint them green, blue or white so they will stand out beautifully against the white washed walls of your façade. Alternately, you can polish them with a wooden-grain finish. Louvered doors will need to be maintained regularly with painting or polishing and vacuuming to get the dust off between the slats.

Wooden safety doors: Wooden storm and security doors have been around for a while. They are usually installed in front of your entrance door for protection from storms and intruders. Very often, they have wire mesh or glass between wooden panels. Most people think that wooden safety doors are not aesthetically pleasing, but this doesn't have to be true. Today there are several manufacturers who will customize safety wooden doors designs for you, to achieve any look you want – from intricate carving to modern, sleek lines.

Wood is definitely here to stay as part of your home and there's no arguing that its charm is irreplaceable. However it does come with its disadvantages. Wooden doors need constant maintenance such as polishing and painting. Wood is not very energy efficient and also does not withstand moisture very well. Therefore its not the best option to protect you from harsh climatic conditions or intruders. Today, there are several options in the market such as fiberglass, steel and UPVC, some of which can be made to look exactly like wood. At the same time, they are safer, more energy-efficient, low maintenance, cost less and are long lasting. Given these benefits, weigh them carefully against wood, before deciding what material your doors should be made of.

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