Window Curtains

Window Curtains

Curtain designs for your home

Curtains not only give you privacy and darken a room, they also add finesse, warmth and texture. Having the right kind of curtains can enhance the look of your room. It’s important to choose fabric carefully as well as the print on your window curtains. For instance, you could really ruin the look of a sophisticated, classical space with cheap fabric curtains in loud prints. It’s also wise to plan your curtain designs around the right kind of window. The way you would dress up UPVC French windows in your living room has to be different from the window curtains for your casement window in your bedroom.

Here are a few ideas for curtain designs:

Scallops: If you have large house windows such as Arched or French windows, dress them up with scallops. Remember this looks best with classical furniture. Avoid them if you have contemporary, minimalist furniture. You can bring in a play of contrast to make them interesting. For instance, if you have beige printed curtains, then use maroon scallops. Remember not to let both fabrics be printed or it will clash. Pick the colour of the scallops based on the colour of the window curtains as well as the rest of the upholstery in your room.

Curtain designs for balance: Curtains are a wonderful way to bring in balance in the room. You can also achieve different looks with this: right from the sophisticated and sober to the fanciful and eclectic. For instance, if your upholstery is stark white, you can introduce some colour with turquoise or fuchsia curtains. Choose from sensible raw silk or whimsical organza depending on your tastes. You can complement the curtains with some accessories in the room in the same colour.

Sheers: Sheer window curtains are immensely versatile and can be used to achieve so many different looks – contemporary, rustic or classical. Choose a light, sheer fabric like organza, voile or net that let in just enough light. You can use them alone or as a second layer behind the main curtain. You can use this when you want to let in some light without compromising on privacy. You can experiment with the curtain header depending on the look of the room. For instance, if you have contemporary furniture, choose a tab header. For classical or rustic looks, have the curtain made with pleated or smocked headers.

Tiebacks: Tiebacks are a wonderful way to dress up your window curtains and give you room for creativity with curtain designs. Tiebacks are usually plain strips or thick cords with decorative tassels. Tassels look great with classical or rustic rooms. Use them to create an ornate look. Plain strips look better on curtains in contemporary room.

Changing just the window curtains is a great way to modify a space. Use these ideas for curtain designs and get the look that you want.


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