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What Makes PVC A Better Option For Tilt And Turn Windows?


Windows are an essential component of every house performing certain vital functions along with adding aesthetic appeal to your home. There are diverse types of windows made of different materials and they are installed at various places to perform varied functions. For instance, you tend to use tilt and turn windows when your requirements are easy cleaning, low maintenance, better ventilation, high burglar security and easy escape during an emergency.

Though tilt and turn windows are made of different materials like wood, iron etc., PVC is decidedly a better option due to the additional advantages it offers these windows.

When you install a PVC tilt and turn window, you are actually making your home energy efficient. These windows provide high insulation and keep your home cool during winters and warm during summers, thus considerably reducing your energy bills.

Also, these windows are incredibly low on maintenance and help you save on any additional charges that might be required for repairs as these windows do not rust, rot, warp, crack or fade. They are termite resistant too. So, you can install this weather and pest resistant windows absolutely anywhere as it can withstand the hot sun and the sea breeze with ease. Moreover, both the sides of the window can be cleaned easily by simply turning the window pane and wiping it with a cloth.

PVC tilt and turn windows make excellent emergency fire exits as PVC is a fire resistant material and you get a large unrestricted space when you open them. Also, they are available in various colours and finishes to suit the style of your home.

Considering all these factors, there is no reason for anyone would turn away from these amazing PVC tilt and turn windows.

So, have you opted for PVC windows and did you find your decision cost effective for the long run? Let us know.


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