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Wall designs options to enhance your space

As a child you probably tried to design walls with your little scribbles. Well, if self-expression is what you are seeking, there is no reason live without it today. Personalised wall designs can prep up even the most boring spaces and leave on them a stamp of your individuality. For a beautiful design wall, you have different options in various budgets. Consider them before deciding on how to do up that special wall:

Wall Paper: Today’s wall paper comes in beautiful options – floral, geometric, leather-finish, metallic, textured etc. Use wall papers anywhere – on one wall behind your bed, in the living room or dining room. Wall papers are also easy to mend or replace. However wall papers are suited for slightly bigger pockets.

Textured paints: Textured paint can be used ingeniously to create various wall designs of your liking. Some common finishes are stucco, mother-of-pearl, metallic and sandy. You can let your imagination go wild, and create your own wall designs using textured paint and even stencils.

Stickers: There are several home businesses that make stickers so you can design walls to your preference. These stickers are easy to stick on to the wall and can also be peeled off without staining. Options range from paisley, to themes like trees, flowers, birds, butterflies, abstract geometrical figures and even stickers for kids’s rooms. For example, you could put stickers of a whole scene from your child’s favourite fairy tale. Stickers are a cost effective option and they give you plenty of flexibility.

Murals: You can hire an artist to paint a mural for you on any wall. The cost of this would depend on the size of the wall and the artist’s fee. The living room would be a good place to show off a magnificent design wall with a mural.

Think 3D: Don’t restrict wall designs to 2D alone. Think 3D! You can create an interesting pattern on the wall from souvenirs you’ve picked up on your travels or any other collectibles that you like. For instance, make a creative wall hanging with colourful saucers, different kinds of masques, bangles, buttons, tequila glasses, beer cans or hats. Let your imagination soar!

Having given wall design a new dimension, quite literally, it is now time to let your creativity flow. Have fun designing!


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