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Top 5 Tips For Staying Safe And Secure In Hotels


Safety is one of the most important factors for anyone while traveling- whether it’s one’s own or of the valuables and gear that they may be carrying.

Taking the right steps towards being safe is extremely important, and this holds true not just outside when traveling but even when it comes to hotels as well.

Here are 5 tips on how to stay safe and secure in hotels:

  1. Hotel doors, as in the hotel room doors should be kept locked at all times and extra measures should be taken to fasten security chains and deadbolts if available. Also, upon leaving the room, make sure that the door latch has engaged fully and it’s completely locked.
  2. Never throw caution to the winds and open doors to strangers. Safety doors should be utilized at all times and the security viewport used to see who is outside before it’s unlocked.
  3. For storing valuables, it is a good idea to use the safe provided in most hotel rooms and if that is not an option, it makes sense to check with the hotel management to see if they have any specific storage options are available. Any extra cash, jewelry and other small valuables should be stored in that storage facility.
  4. At night, it’s a good idea to sleep with a pair of shoes next to the bed. This is helpful if you need to leave in a hurry. In addition to this, keeping a flashlight close works well too.
  5. For those who stay in hotels often, it makes sense to buy a portable alarm system to hang on the doorknob as this will provide additional protection in case the door lock fails.

A little bit of extra caution while away from home will serve you well. Be alert and keep an eye out for trouble. At the same time however, don’t be stuck up and once you are sure you’ve taken the necessary precautions, just relax and enjoy your time.

Have an impending hotel stay coming up? Use these tips above to be safe and enjoy your stay hassle free.


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