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Throwing A BBQ This Winter? Here’s How To Prep Your Balcony


BBQ’s are a great way to hang out with friends in the summer season or even to have something for your personal self. The only thing is, it is important to prepare the space that you are going to use for barbequing properly. The first point of course and it goes without saying is the fact that BBQ`s need to be held in outdoor open spaces and the grill needs to be handled properly.

If you are using the balcony, there are factors to consider and everything from the balcony floor to the balcony windows have to be looked at and sorted. Some points to consider:

  • Make sure you do not use a propane grill in the balcony since the risk of explosion is high. No matter what kind of windows you have, uPVC windows in Hyderabad or anywhere else, you need to protect it by using a charcoal grill.
  • Make sure you have space in the balcony to store your charcoal and do this in a tightly sealed container. Keep this away from balcony windows and also make sure it does not get wet as can be combustible.
  • If you live in Hyderabad and have uPVC windows in the balcony, make sure that you dispose of hot coals and ashes properly. This is actually true, no matter what kind of windows you have. Safety is a paramount concern when it comes to using BBQ’s and that should never be forgotten.
  • Finally, with the balcony also prepare yourself and wear appropriate clothing. Do not wear loose clothing and take your time stoking the fire.
  • When it comes to having a BBQ in the balcony, as long as all safety tips are considered, the event can be a highly enjoyable experience. Once that is taken care of, decorate your balcony windows, doors and the rest of the space to create a cozy, relaxing atmosphere to enjoy.

Go for a balcony BBQ today and enjoy winter season to the fullest!


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