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Smart Homes: The Right Choice For You


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Let technology take over, even at home

Technology influences almost every aspect of our lives. The evolution of mobile phones from being instruments used for communication, to smartphones that practically rule your day’s schedule, we witness several such examples. The increasingly techno-savvy environment has resulted in an upcoming category in the real estate segment as well – smart homes.


Image Credit: Trusty Joe

Home and connectivity

Smart Homes: What are they?

In a whirlpool of technology, it all boils down to connectivity, and that is the basic concept of a smart home. A smart home is one that is connected, operated and monitored essentially through devices and gadgets. It is a system of communicable devices that perform efficiently at anytime from anywhere, inside or far away from home.

The Smart Advantage

Similar to smart gadgets or appliances, the primary advantage of a smart home is convenience. Here’s how smart homes can be the most beneficial designs in today’s era:

1. Real-time, rapid and convenient access to your home through the Internet is the key advantage of having a techno-savvy home. Power modes can be changed and adjusted with a single touch, no matter where you are.

2. Energy efficient and essential operative solutions of a smart home help you lead an easy and stress-free life, where you can devote more time for family and productive activities.

3. Scheduling daily tasks is an added advantage that comes with your smart tools at home.

4. High-end security, indoor temperature and lighting controls create an automated home management system that works well for all home types.


Smart Essentials for Home

Here are some smart essentials that are an integral part of smart homes:

CCTV Security Cameras

CCTV cameras can be linked to your smartphone to help you detect and monitor unwarranted movements, break-ins and intrusions at home, even while you are away.

Childcare and monitoring is another essential benefit of using CCTV cameras.

Biometric Lock

A biometric lock is embedded on a keyless door that detects fingerprints of individuals and unlocks the door only if it matches with the fingerprints of family members saved in the database. This ensures family members have keyless access to your home.


Secure your home against intruders

Wi-Fi Linked Switchboard

Connect your smartphone to the Wi-Fi operated switchboard; command it to switch on your electronics even from far away. It enables you to set schedules for subsequent power on/off with controlled energy efficiency. It allows you to set your home interiors at a desired temperature even while you are on your way home.

UPVC Windows

uPVC windows enable highly insulated interiors with controlled temperatures. This reduces the dependence on air-conditioners and heaters for long duration. uPVC windows are environment-friendly and energy-efficient, and maintain the equilibrium of your home atmosphere. They also offer insulation against noise and dust, ensuring peaceful and clean interiors.

Smart Windows

Smart windows are the next step to uPVC windows. They filter light as per the user’s needs with just a simple knob or button. They control the natural lighting of your home saving on electricity usage.

Fenestration Techniques

Smart fenestration or scientific arrangement of windows is essential to strike a balance between indoor comfort, security and energy consumption and is the way ahead for environment-friendly homes. Fenestration techniques that consider the U-factor (heat transfer coefficient), design modifications and advanced materials for windows are pivotal for next-generation homes. Multi-layer glazing, self-cleaning, temperature-resistance, etc. are key features of windows created using these techniques.


Consider these smart options for enhanced energy efficiency, convenience and comfort in your homes.


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