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Sliding Doors -The Smart Way To Create A Utility Area In Your Kitchen


Create an effective utility area by choosing from clever sliding doors that can easily be incorporated right in your kitchen. If you have a niche or an unutilized space in your kitchen, all you have to do is use a space-saving sliding door. It gives you that much needed utility area where you can put your washer, dryer and dirty laundry and keep them shut off from visitors’ eyes. What’s more, they can look good while doing so. Modern Sliding door designs have a class of their own with a host of easy-to-manage features.

The sliding door designs that you choose for your kitchen will depend to a large extent on the width of the opening you want to cover as well as the width of the sill. Therefore you would need to choose from 2, 3, 4 or 6 panel doors on two or three tracks, depending on the dimensions of the aperture.

Next, you would need to decide on the material – wooden, UPVC, steel or aluminium. UPVC is usually the preferred material for doors because it looks good, is easy to maintain and is water proof too.

You could also decide on the look of your sliding door -do you want plain see-through glass? Or would you like to spice it up with frosted glass, tinted films with texture or etching or would you like to have double-glazed glass to shut off the noise of that dryer?

UPVC sliding doors are also a much better option for your laundry room because they don’t retain moisture or decay the way wooden doors often do. You can create a great laundry rooms, pep it up to go with your kitchen and make it comfortable besides being functional.


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