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Security Door Do’s and Don’ts

A security door, also known as a safety door is usually installed in addition to the main entrance door in a home. Security doors are made with timber or with steel and a glass back panel. The idea is to create a deterrent for intruders, who will have to break in through two doors instead of one. Between wood and steel, the latter provides more security because it is more difficult to hack through. You can also amp up the security of security gates by using double glazed glass to add to further strength. Moreover, double glass will also provide you with some degree of energy efficiency.

Leaving its practical uses aside, most homeowners are concerned with the aesthetic value of safety doors. The thought of these brings to the mind large, ugly metal doors - the kind you see in banks or even in prisons! However, these concerns are unfounded because fortunately there are many manufacturers who specialize in aesthetic safety door design, giving you both, the security and the look that you want.

Here are some looks you can achieve:

Victorian classical: Use a safety door design with steel, crafted with interesting motifs like clovers, flowers, creepers etc. You can give it a wrought iron look by painting it in black or pewter. For a more luxe finish, paint the steel portion in burnished gold or bronze. You can further enhance the look of your safety door by placing flowering plants on either side of the door, resting on brackets.

Art Deco: To achieve a modern look, get a steel door with grills in straight lines and a steel frame. Let the door have a brushed steel finish or cover it with Wenge veneer for a wooden finish. The combination of Wenge, steel and glass is always a winner and you’ll make your door look like you’ve spent a million bucks on it. Make sure your door goes with the rest of your decor. So use this door only if your interiors are contemporary and minimalistic.

The one problem with safety doors is that cleaning the grill is not very easy. You may also have to forego ventilation when you want it. Try and get a security door which has glass panels that can open out or retract. This way you can clean the grill easily, get ventilation and talk to somebody on the outside without opening the door.

When installing a safety door, make sure you also get the best locks and a deadbolt with it. This will further deter intruders from breaking in.

No matter what sort of safety door you choose for yourself, the great thing is that everything can be customized to suit your tastes and the measurement of your doorway. Keep beauty and durability in mind and be safe!


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