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Room design ideas for more practical living

With the constraints of space that we live with in urban India, it's important to pay attention to clever room design. Whether it's a bedroom design, bathroom design, living room interior design or a room for kids, a lot of thought must go into how practical it will be for day-to-day living.

Here are a few pointers for good kids rooms designs as well as other room designs:

Bedroom designs: Avoid the use of too much glass and chrome in the bedroom. These are harder to maintain because they stain more easily. Use these materials only if you have plenty of well-trained domestic help to clean these regularly. Pay attention to the doors and windows. Use good quality UPVC windows that are dust-proof, sound-proof and water-proof. This will help cut out all the noise pollution and help you lead a more peaceful existence.

Bathroom designs: Good bathroom designs should consider the age group of the people who will be using the space. If elderly people are likely to use the bathroom, avoid having a bathtub in there. It will be easier for them to step in and out of the shower area. Also, using anti-skid tiles is a must, because accidents in the bathroom are quite common among the elderly. Ventilation is an important aspect of bathroom design. Ensure that there is an exhaust and a window that can be opened to let in more air when needed.

Living room designs: Living room interior designs give room for plenty of creativity. Since this is the area where you tend to hang out or entertain, a first prerequisite is plenty of natural light. If you can, use floor to ceiling UPVC French windows that will bring in plenty of natural light and fresh air.

Place your sofa at the recommended distance from the TV. Ideally, place the TV with a cabinet against the longest wall in the room. This will ensure that you get plenty of storage space in the form of display shelves, bookshelves and drawers next to the TV. If you are short on time and domestic help, it would be wiser to choose upholstery either in faux leather which is easy to clean or dark upholstery on which stains won't show easily.

Kids room designs: Room interior designs for kids can be as much fun for you as they are for the kids. In today's living conditions, space-saving seems to be the maxim when choosing kids room designs. The key over here is to make the furniture multi-task while at the same time creating privacy for each kid. Use trundle beds or pull-out beds if two children are sharing a room. Make sure the child finds it easy to pull out the bed by himself. For more space-saving room interior designs for kids, check out our page on space-saving ideas for kids rooms.

Having practical room interior designs ensure that you are more relaxed, life is easier and your home truly feels like home.


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