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All about home paints

When it comes to home paints, there are several options out there even if all you want to do is one paint room. There are separate paints for interior painting and exterior painting, texture paint, flat paint, egg shell paint etc. With so many names being thrown at you, it can be confusing. We have tried to simplify these terms for you and given you their advantages, uses and even ideas for interior painting. Visit the individual sections on these terms for detailed information on them.

Interior painting must be done with special interior paints only. These have lesser resin and pigments than exterior paints. Even within interior painting, you have several exciting options to choose from. For instance, by using stencils and paint, you can come up with beautiful wall designs. You can even commission an artist to paint a mural for you on one wall. You can also play with colours of your choice. You needn’t only stick to beige, off-white and white. You can let your imagination run wild and paint room in orange, yellow, green, red, burgundy and turquoise. Of course, you have to use the right combination of colours and they must look appropriate in their space.

Texture paint also gives you plenty of scope for creativity. It is a rather popular choice today and can be used to create multiple effects. Some common textures are stucco, metallic, mother-of-pearl and sandy. Beyond these, you can also create your own textures using common tools like rags, towels, scrapers etc. Metallic paint must be used when you want to add a decadent opulence to a room. It looks best in living rooms and bedrooms and is a cheaper substitute to metallic wall paper.

When choosing home paints, a common choice that you’ll have to make is between gloss, semi-gloss and matte. Glossy paints are highly moisture-resistant and are appropriate for areas where you expect a lot of water to be splashed around. These are therefore best used in kitchens, bathrooms and utility areas. Matte paints are easily applied and dry quickly too. They are good enough to use on ceiling and walls all over the house. You could consider semi-gloss paints for the walls if you live in humid weather conditions.

After you educate yourself on all the different types of paints out there, use your discretion before you go about painting – either yourself or with the help of a painter.

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