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Kitchen Countertops: Quartz Vs Granite


Countertops are an important part of the kitchen and the material you choose for them affects the whole look of the room. Depending on the decor, like the design of your kitchen door, the finish of the cabinet doors etc., you can choose different materials like granite, concrete, laminate, quartz and so on for the countertop.

For instance, if you’ve installed a French door of a neutral colour as your kitchen door, you can complement it with light coloured granite countertop. However, when we look closer, we find that both granite and quartz provide an almost similar look to the countertop and if you prefer that look it is natural to be confused as to which one to buy.

So, to choose between these two options let’s take a look at the positive and negative features of them to make a better decision.


As granite is natural stone, there are variations in its quality and high quality granite has similar durability as quartz. Both are resistant to heat and denting.


Granite requires slightly higher maintenance than quartz because it tends to stain a lot faster. If you install granite countertops, you’ll need to seal them to protect them from any harsh chemicals. Or, you can go opt for engineered granite which does not have maintenance issues like the natural stone.


Granite has more variety in colours and textures when compared to quartz as they are pure and natural stones. However, due to the same reason, you can find some faults like cracks on the stone and so choose your piece carefully.


The prices of both the materials vary depending on the manufacturer, installer, the location of your house etc. Depending on the quality, granite can be more or less expensive than quartz.

If you’re looking for pure modernity with no maintenance issues, you can choose quartz and if you are looking for a rustic and earthly touch of nature at your home you can choose granite.

What is your choice of material for your countertop and are you planning to buy a colour that will complement the design of your kitchen door? Share your thoughts with us.


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