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Iron doors for modern living

If Iron doors or gates conjure up visions of grand estates and palaces, and you don't have the good fortune of living in one, don't fret. Most of us seldom do, but you can still incorporate the safety features and the beauty of an iron door in your home. The great news is that now there are plenty of manufacturers who will customize iron gates or doors for you depending on your tastes and requirements. You can use them for the main gate in your home or even the entrance door to your apartment.

For classical decor

If your home is designed with classical decor, either Western, colonial or Indian ethnic, you can use iron gate designs with beautiful traditional motifs. These include grape vines, flowers, Gothic or Celtic motifs, Indian motifs among several others. Choose from a range of finishes including pewter, burnished gold or bronze for a truly regal, luxurious effect. You can also use iron gates in your garden and decorate it with a creeper to add a dollop of character.

If you are using an iron gate design for the entrance door of your home, make sure it has interior glass panels that open out independently from the door. This will ensure more security for you, because you can talk to someone standing outside your door without actually letting them in.

For modern decor

If your sensibilities lean towards modern, minimalistic interior design, you don't have to forego iron doors. While they were frequently used in Victorian and old-styles of decor they have now undergone a makeover to suit modern needs. Many manufacturers can now offer you an iron gate made in sleek, straight lines with modern fittings and therefore they fit in effortlessly with the rest of your decor.

Iron gates and energy-efficiency

An iron gate by itself is not an energy-efficient option. However, there are some manufacturers who offer to inject insulating foam into the iron while manufacturing the door. This increases the thermal efficiency of the door, allowing the indoor temperature to remain moderate. That said, it is not likely to compare with the energy-efficiency provided by fiberglass or UPVC doors.

While iron doors are sturdy, safe, look great and low-maintenance they could prove expensive for you in the long run. Do a careful cost benefit analysis before choosing the entrance to your home.


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