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How To Take Care Of Windows And Doors In Summer


Summers in India can be very harsh. Especially in the Northern and coastal areas of the country, the heat becomes unbearable at times. Our go-to solution to deal with this scorching heat is to install air conditioners and drink cold beverages. But have you ever given a thought to how your windows and doors are dealing with the summer heat? The building fixtures of your beautiful abode need to be prepared for the summer and maintained well during these times. Summers are precipitating and the scorching heat can damage the windows and doors internally.

While you do have material options like uPVC and Aluminium windows and doors and so on to reduce the incoming heat, you must prepare and take care of the building fixtures in the summer. To help you out, here are some tips on how you can prepare and maintain the windows and doors in the summer season: –

  • Weather Stripping

At the start of the summer season, one of the first things that you need to check is the weather stripping of your windows and doors. Weather stripping is an airtight material that is placed between the window or door sash and pane to insulate the space between them. The weather strips are made of materials that are robust and durable; however, fighting harsh weather conditions over the years can damage these strips. That is why keeping a check on the weather stripping of the windows and doors frequently, especially the summer season is very necessary as a damaged weatherstrip also affects the energy efficiency of the house.

  • Caulking

One thing that most people ignore is the caulking of the windows and doors. However, you need to keep a check on them, irrespective of whether you have aluminium uPVC windows or doors. Caulking acts as a barrier between the door or window and the walls. Caulking, even though uses strong materials, start to deteriorate over the years as they help in protecting the building fixtures from harsh weather conditions, in turn, shielding you and your home. Here again, inefficient or damaged caulking will decrease the energy efficiency score of the house, leading to an increase in energy bills.

  • Clean the Windows and Doors Properly

A maintenance tip that you need to swear by is that you need to clean the building fixtures of your house inside out. Many times, people just clean the panes of the windows and doors but forget to check on the tracks, panels, or the hinges of the building fixture. Over time, a lot of debris and dirt gets accumulated on the surface of the windows and doors and if you have sliding door windows, the tracks need to be clean frequently. Accumulation of debris will not only hamper the smooth mechanism of your windows and doors but can also decrease their durability. Given below are some of the easiest cleaning techniques that you can consider –

  1. Use a mixture of soap, glass cleaner, and water. However, in the case of wood windows or doors, use a dry cloth.
  2. Start cleaning from the top and then proceed to the bottom of the door or window.
  3. To clean the tracks, panels, or hinges, use toothpicks or brushes.
  4. Make sure that you remove the cleaner from the glass pane to avoid any glares or streaking.
  5. Make sure that you clean the windows and doors with a dry and soft cloth to prevent the formation of any mould or mildew.
  • Leakage

Another thing that you need to check for proper maintenance of doors and windows during summer is leakage. If you come across any leaks or potential leak points, get them fixed immediately Leakage can be the way for moulds and mildews to form, which can affect your and the health of your loved ones.

Other than this, you need to keep a check on the hardware of the window and doors. The hardware is responsible for the smooth mechanism of the building fixture and it should be easy to open and close. If your window or door is difficult to open or the hinges are too loose, get them repaired at the earliest.


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