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How To Dress Up Your Entry Doors?


The exterior door says a lot about your home just like your face gives away a lot about you. Is your door boring and vanilla? There are lots of things that you could do that add character and spell uber cool. Here are the simple ways to make sure that your home spells designer chic right from the front door.

  1. Turkish evil eye – Keep your home safe from `evil eyes` by pinning a beautiful Turkish evil eye on it. The aqua and indigo is attractive and a lot better than using the traditional `demon` faces.
  2. Get creative with your name plate – The name plate is a great way to jazz up any house door. You can choose from glass to steel to mosaic, depending on what resonates with your personal style. You could even light up the name plate with a tea light or a backlight to make it look interesting.
  3. Pay attention to the doormat – Who says the doormat has to be boring beige jute? There are loads of doormats out there in interesting hues like vivacious orange and cool lime. You could even get a doormat with a funny message written on it instead of the usual `Welcome`.
  4. Get the right kind of door – apart from what surrounds your door, what`s most important is the door itself. Choose a simple door in dark walnut with a steel handle if you like modern minimalism. If its classic that catches your fancy then you may want to look at a carved door. But if you really want to combine aesthetics with practicality then a uPVC door is best for you. It not only looks great in different finishes, it is safe and saves energy too.

Let your imagination soar!


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