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Your dream of beautiful house interior designs need not come crashing down just because you have a tight budget. With some clever elements incorporated here and there, your house interior design could look like it's right out of a magazine. The key to doing a home interior design on a budget is to keep your eyes open at local markets. Sometimes you can even get great discount deals at furniture stores. You just need to be aware and have an eye for the right things. Here are some ideas on affordable interior house design:

Window Blinds: How you dress your windows can make or break the look of your house. The best looking and yet affordable option is cane blinds. Blind-makers are all over the city, making bamboo blinds on the pavement. They cost as little as Rs. 200 per piece and look really good. For a rich touch, use brocade from old sarees as borders on the blinds. You can also make window blinds out of old, rich sarees with bold motifs. Try to get a chic-maker to come home and make it for you.

Bed Linen: You can use creative bed linen to make your room look attractive. Again, convert any old silk saree into a plush bed cover. There are several ladies who do this at home and this will be cheaper for you than buying from a large show room. Choose bed covers in the fabric of your choice – though linen, cotton and silk work best. Dress up the bed with cushion covers in a contrasting shade. Buy simple linen or cotton covers from trade fairs. To add a designer touch, take any saree or dupatta to a local tailor and have him cut and stitch it to make a runner. A runner should be at least 30 inches in width and about 24 inches longer than the width of your bed. Place the runner on the foot of the bed.

Easy Decorations: Hanging lots of similar-sized family photographs frame in black will add warmth to your home interior designs. Hang them either on one wall in the living room or along a stair case.

Another easy decoration is to make a wall-hanging of your favourite collectibles: soda cans, masks, hats, wine corks…anything that you like. This will leave a stamp of your personality on the house. If you have a large bare wall and you don't have the budget to buy paintings, place a mirror on that wall. Your space will look bigger and the wall will be covered too.

Flea Markets: A great place to pick up affordable knick-knacks is in flea markets and second-hand bazaars. The things you'll be able to buy will surprise you – bean bags, an antique clock, blue glass bottles, old gramophones, candle votives, wooden chairs etc. You can use these as statement pieces all over the house to really enhance character.

With some of these ideas, you can easily decorate a house that you will love to flaunt.


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