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Anyone who is house-proud loves to decorate home. Home interior decorating can be really enjoyable without having to spend a fortune. A few clever home decorating ideas – a shelf here or a vase there can make your house look designer. Here is some simple home decorating tips to turn your home into the heaven you want it to be:

Kitchen Ideas: Interior decorations for kitchens are an often neglected area. If your kitchen is done up in light colored wood, and you want to add a dash of color, all you need is stuff from your store room to spruce it up. Take a watering can and paint it a bright color like red. Fill it with a bunch of flowers like gerberas or carnations and keep it on your window sill. Feel happy whenever you're working in the kitchen.

Kids Room Ideas: To add a dash of color to your kids study tables, just take some cans of different sizes and peel the label off. Measure and cut a wrapping paper of your choice and stick it around the can. These can be used as flower vases and pen holders and will add a nice touch to the room. What's even better is if you get your child involved in doing this. This will make the decoration doubly special for him or her!

Windows and Doors: If your windows and doors are beginning to look old fashioned or are deteriorating, it's time to replace them. Consider UPVC Windows instead of wooden or aluminum frames. This is because UPVC is sturdy, long lasting, looks good and is water-proof, dust-proof and energy efficient. Even your windows and doors are an important part of home interior decorating!

Dining Room Ideas: Prep up the space by adding an attractive centerpiece to the table. Work with three cylindrical glass jars in various sizes. Fill them with slices of large yellow lemons and green sweet lime. For dinner, float some candles in the jar and light them for some mellow light. This is an is easy home decoration to do, doesn't cost you much and will have all the guests wowing over your creativity.

Bedroom Ideas: A great way to dress up your bedroom is simply with the use of cushions and a runner. This will instantly make your bedroom look 'five star'. Buy any fabric in a slightly thick material such as silk, brocade or quilted cotton. Have your tailor cut it about 30 inches in width and about 2 feet longer than your bed. Place the runner at the foot of the bed. If the runner has a print, say in orange, red and yellow, pick two colors from this. Place 2 large rectangular cushions in one of those colors. Make sure that the cushions are plain and not printed. Add a smaller rectangular cushion in the other color, and you're done. Home decoration is really that easy!

Follow some of these ideas or improvise on them to make your home look drool-worthy.

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