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Home Decor: Hotel Style Makeovers


When going on vacation, you expect the comforts of home at a hotel. But because they are designed to be far more luxurious than most of us keep our homes, when we see the room and experience its details we appreciate every single one. How can you replicate that experience in your home? A few small changes to your current bedroom can make every night at home feel special.

Work with the space you have and budget for the items that are most important to you. Large items like doors and bed frames don’t have to be expensive, and don’t necessarily have to be completely new. A few updates improve on your existing look to freshen it up and coordinate with newer pieces.

Minimize clutter. Hotels keep furniture and accessories to a minimum for a clean, open feel and if you want that same experience then you should too. This is a great time for cleaning, organizing, and improving storage options.

Create atmosphere with lighting. Often times hotels make the most of natural day lighting with large windows, use lamps placed around the room, and round out the dark spots with strategically placed overhead or recessed lighting, but only where it’s needed.

Upgrade your room with luxury linens for an instant hotel-like feel. High-quality bedding along with cushions, pillows, and a quality mattress complete the experience, but if you can’t afford everything, splurge on linens. Mix patterns of the same color family for a bold look, or blend neutrals and nature prints like bamboo and flowers for a relaxed, classy touch.

Find a statement piece. In hotels, this is often a headboard, mirror, or piece of furniture that stands out. The piece should hold its own, it shouldn’t look out of place, and it shouldn’t, need the rest of the room in order to make sense there.


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