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The one thing that gives finesse to your front door design is the accessories you add to it. Front doors set the tone for what lies beyond and are an expression of your personality and your design sensibilities. Therefore front door designs can be completely ruined if paired with the wrong accessories and hardware. Here are a few accessories you can add to get a beautiful front door:

Hinges: These need to be classified as ‘hardware’, more than accessories. They should be sturdy and smooth to amp up security and ease of use. Some common types of hinges include butt, barrel, pivot, concealed, butterfly and piano hinges. Of these, butt hinges are the strongest and are recommended for main doors. Piano hinges are usually used for furniture like cabinets. Butterfly, flush and concealed hinges are more suited to lightweight doors, and therefore, will not provide your entrance door with security.

Hinges must also be chosen according to main door designs. For instance, if you have a traditional, carved main door, then brass butt hinges will go very well with it. If your front door design is contemporary, with wood and glass, choose steel hinges for a better look. These hinges can also be painted the same color as the door frame to make them decrease their prominence.

Door knobs and handles: You can have fun choosing these accessories’/hardware to go with your front door design. Common materials include brass, nickel and steel and range from contemporary to traditional. If you’re furniture is classical or ethnic, choosebrass or nickel fittings which are beautifully carved in your favourite motif. If minimalism is more your style, you can pick up doors handles in sleek, straight lines. Choose brushed steel over shiny for a sophisticated, matte look.

Name plates: You can also dress up your door with beautiful name plates. You can get a name plate in glass or marble with your name etched on it, a mirror with embossed lettering, mosaic tiles, lasered steel - the options are endless. You can further enhance the name plate with backlighting (choose LED lighting for energy-saving) or with a beautiful tea light.

Door knocker: Give your main door design a big boost with an interesting door knocker. Choose a brass one for a traditional look and a chrome one in geometric patterns for a contemporary look.

Letter box: The letter box has taken on a hip and funky avatar. You’ll be surprised at the options out there – from sleek chrome boxes to cute little tree house designs, you’re bound to find one that adds character to your front door.

Now that you know what options there are out there, pay as much attention to accessorizing as to the door itself.


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