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Exploring The Different Window Styles For Your Home


Windows are more than just see-through glass frames fixed on a wall. The right choice of windows has the ability to transform a basic room into a beautifully lit and airy space. On top of that is the myriad of choices available, including materials, colours, styles, shapes and sizes complemented by the latest technological advancements that can contribute to comfortable and aesthetically pleasing spaces.

There are several window options available to fit your requirements for a renovation project or new construction, and each comes with its features and benefits based on the price and material. To help you better, we have collated a list of 8 commonly used window styles to choose from: –

  • Sliding Windows

Originally known as Yorkshire sash windows, sliding windows make use of interlocking frames that can slide open to either side on a fixed horizontal frame. They are essentially double hung for easy accessibility and allow more light and air inside through the framed glass. Sliding windows are mostly made of aluminium or UPVC and commonly used in modern or contemporary style houses.

People prefer sliding windows because they are:

  • Easy to use
  • Energy efficient
  • Flexible with space
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Casement windows

As the name says, such windows have a case-like frame with their sash(es) hinged at one side to allow them to swing open like a door. They are often chosen for tall and narrow window openings. When picking casement windows, one should ensure that the frames are fully reinforced with reinforcement bars for enhanced durability.

People prefer sliding windows because they are,

  • Easy to use
  • Allow wide-open ventilation
  • Come in a variety of materials
  • Bay Windows

These window types project outwards from the wall or a room, forming a bay-like space. Its overall structure consists of three angled openings with fixed picture window panes in the middle. The other two windows are free to swing open and usually narrow in size. Bay windows are recommended for spacious rooms with high ceilings.

People prefer bay windows because they are,

  • Extra space
  • Better view
  • More light and air
  • Tilt and Turn Windows

These windows tilt open inwards to allow ventilation whilst protecting the inside against rain. The overall structure of tilt and turn windows is similar to that of a casement window, except for the sash that is hinged at the button instead of the sides. Such windows are best suited for rooms that need slight ventilation while keeping the weather elements at bay.

People prefer tilt and turn windows because they are.

  • Security
  • Ventilation
  • Better view
  • Easy maintenance
  • Combination Windows

As the name suggests, it is a combination of casement or fixed or sliding or swing open windows in a single frame. However, this combination can be modified based on your preference and usage. Combination windows add a unique and stylish touch to your living room, bedroom, or dining room, giving you a lovely outside view whilst utilizing the space.

People prefer combination windows because they are,

  • Durable
  • Economical

Easy to maintain

  • Fixed Windows

Very obvious with the name, fixed windows do not open and are simply seen as glass walls that allow you to have a good outside view from your room and enjoy those early morning sun rays. They are also known as picture windows and mostly preferred for rooms with a beautiful backyard view that you would like to enjoy whilst keeping away outside elements and ensuring complete security.

People prefer fixed windows because they are,

  • Secure
  • Economical
  • Energy efficient
  • Uninterrupted view
  • Single and Double-Hung Windows

Single-hung windows have two panes with one fixed and the other either tilt open or slide up and down. On the other hand, double-hung windows have both their panes operable in your preferred style. Sometimes, the single hung windows also come with a geo shape option into the top sash, adding an aesthetic appeal to the overall appearance.

People prefer single and double-hung windows because they are,

  • Flexible in design
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to fit any space

The decision of installing or upgrading the windows in your house is majorly based on the usage, location and budget. However, it is recommended that you also pay attention to the material of the windows that majorly includes aluminium and UPVC in the present scenario. Together, these factors will help you make an informed decision.


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