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Best applications for double doors

Double doors are doors with two main panels that open out, fold or slide out. Double door designs are frequently implemented in homes because they give a sense of grandeur. However, the primary reason that these doors are used is for extra-large doorways or wherever you need a lot of space to come and go. For instance, sliding double doors are often seen in hospitals and airports to allow stretchers and bulky baggage to come through. Double doors can be made of UPVC, wood and glass, wood and steel or even aluminum.

Here are some applications for double door designs:

Drawing rooms: Use an interesting double door design for an impressive drawing room. Use wooden doors with glass paneling. The glass can be either plain, etched or stained. These doors will add an instant dash of opulence to your space.

Main entrance: Use double doors for your main entrance because if ever the necessity arises, you can easily transfer bulky goods to and from your place. Also, if you usually have lots of guests over for parties, it's better to throw these doors open for them, instead of having them filing in from a narrow single-door doorway.

French doors: Double doors find much usage as French doors. Glass paneled doors make for some of the best double door designs. These offer a fetching view of the landscape outside and help to add lots of light to the room.

Hotels: Double doors designs that are sliding are also best used in hotels. Like airports, this allows for large baggage trolleys to be wheeled in and for visitors to walk in easily.

Partitioning: Double doors also come as bi-folding doors. Here, when opening the door, one door just folds behind the other. This makes for a great partition, allowing you the flexibility to increase and decrease space in a room whenever you like.

Avoid using double doors for other interior doors house, because that makes them cumbersome to use. For instance, locking and unlocking double doors in a bedroom and bathroom can be quite tedious and these doors are really not required here. Many old, traditional and colonial houses in India still have double doors in bathrooms and bedrooms, but modern trends are more skewed towards practical living.

Pick and choose where you want to place double doors. Once you've made a careful choice, you can enhance your space with the illusion of more area, privacy, security and practicality.

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