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Doors And Windows For Your House, Keeping Energy Efficiency In Mind


Energy prices are climbing. Energy efficiency is on everyone’s minds because we want to keep costs down but maintain our daily comforts. At home, one of the best ways to achieve energy efficiency is to pay attention to your house’s windows¬†and doors.

They`re the portals in and out of your house. They let in heat in the summer, and let out heat in the winter. They let in cold in the winter, and let out cool air in the summer. In any season, uPVC windows and doors should be a top energy concern.

If you live in an older building, you`ll want to inspect your doors and windows for splits, cracks, and other places drafts can freely come and go. If your budget won`t allow you to replace all your fixtures, choose ones that are making the problem the worst, or choose ones that you can afford now, like a better sealed door, and save up for a larger project, like new windows. If you`re limited to merely fixing problems with the fixtures you have, work with what you’ve got to get the best results. Finding ways to seal or block gaps in drafty windows are simple and usually inexpensive compared to replacing the fixtures themselves..

If you rent, talk to your building manager about energy efficiency since there is potential you both could benefit from either fixing problems or replacing the doors and windows. For homeowners, you have the freedom to choose what you replace or repair, but your freedom of choices can also come down to what your budget allows.

Caulk is a popular option for a simple seal. Check interior and exterior caulking, remove old, dried caulking, and replace it. The process takes time and patience, but it`s worthwhile if your windows are good enough to keep.

If you can’t caulk your windows, consider covering them with plastic in the wintertime to seal out drafts. Insulation kits have grown in popularity as energy costs have increased. Their effectiveness is sometimes debated, but for windows with definite drafts, this can be a helpful way to create a better seal.

Another less expensive option is to purchase insulated curtains. These work year round to block harmful sun rays and keep in warmth. Installed correctly, they can contribute to your energy efficiency efforts in a big way.

For doors & Windows, it`s best to check the seals for drafts and reinstall weather stripping where needed. This can also be used for windows when you need a temporary fix for a draft. If you still have a draft at the base of your door, draft stoppers with foam and cloth work well to plug the open area underneath the door.


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