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Designer Doors

Designer doors that make a great first impression

Designer doors have taken the world of interior decoration by storm. Not only do doors perform their basic functions of security and privacy, they now contribute to the interiors of a home. If you're beginning your search for a new home or will be renovating your existing office, consider an interior designer who specializes in doors or even a door designer. Someone who specifically designs doors will know which material is best for your living conditions and will give you a door design that is out-of-the-box.

Here are a few designs for doors that will take your space for blah to wow instantly:

Wrought iron doors: Use these for exterior doors only. They look regal and commanding, and even quaint and Victorian. Use them in gardens, as main gates or the entrance to your home or office. When using them in gardens decorate them with a flowering or non-flowering creeper for a really pretty look. Wrought iron is very sturdy and provides ample security too.

Wooden doors with laminate: You can have the most fun with this option. Cover your regular wooden doors with the laminate of your choice. Use a contrasting colour and play with stripes, circles or blocks. For an office a subtle stripe in brushed steel would look gorgeous and would go very well with modern interior design. Use this as an interior door only.

UPVC Doors: The newest kids on the block, these are here to stay. Being water-proof, sound-proof, termite-proof, dust-proof and energy-saving they are a popular choice today. They also offer flexibility in door designs. So you can have Sliding doors, Casement doors, Double doors and French doors in UPVC.

French Doors: These are age-old interior doors but never go out of style. French doors look wonderful wherever there is a beautiful view to bring in. So if you live in a penthouse with a terrace and a breath taking view of the city, or have a lovely lawn, use French doors to maximize the beauty of the landscape outside. These doors also bring in plenty of sunlight and fresh air, instantly giving an uplifting ambience to any room. Use them in your living room, bedroom or office cabin.

Panel Doors: Panel doors are made of wood. The panels themselves can be of wood or of glass. These can be used as front doors to offices (with frosted glass) or as interior doors. This is a common doors design that is used in French doors too. Make sure you use toughened glass for added safety. Now that you're informed about your options ask your door designer to give you a customized design from among the above. With so many options to choose from, finding the right designer door for your office or home should be really easy. Happy hunting!

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