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Design Ideas: Why Bold Is Better. 5 Fresh New Design Ideas For You!


Neutral colors and muted shades have dominated home decor and interiors all this while, but lately, one can see this wave of bright colours and bold patterns sweeping through homes of all kindsĀ  – big and small. While neutral colours are known to be classic and adding a sense of aesthetic to your pad, bold is truly the flavour of the season. Here’s how:

  • Bold colors (either walls or interiors) add life to a room. They give the room an inviting feel and are perfect to decorate homes. However, it is advised that when you are using bold wall paints, then try and keep the interiors muted and vice versa.
  • Bold colors take away the flaws from a room since they attract attention to themselves. Bold design walls or a bright rug will not let the attention divert to imperfections like ugly wiring.
  • You can be as creative with bold as possible. There are no rules. From kitschy designs to sunshine shades, let your imagination flow. With muted colors, one has to focus on some ground rules and be very careful of the amalgamation of shades.
  • Since bold colors attract attention, if they are on the floor or the walls, they define small spaces such as entries, hallways, etc.
  • Bold patterns give new life to old furniture. Add a dash of bright hues to your old furniture and give it a new lease of life.

So, give your home a bolder avatar and add some colors to your house.


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