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Design Ideas: Turn Your Old Bathroom Dresser Into A New Vanity


Discerning tastes are difficult to satisfy, especially when it comes to home interiors and design. If you`ve been looking for a beautiful vanity for a while and still haven`t found one, perhaps it`s time to take on a DIY project. You can easily repurpose you bathroom dresser into a new vanity without much effort; besides, you`d probably be better off doing it on your own because you`ll finally get exactly what you want.

And this is how you get started:

Step 1 – Sand the front, top and sides of the dresser and paint it with enamel. If you do not wish to paint, apply several coats of polyurethane to withstand the humidity in the bathroom.

Step 2 – Buy a sink that you think will complement your bathroom dresser. For an upscale touch, look for chrome or ceramic fittings.

Step 3 – Once you`ve decided where the sink will be placed, mark off the area before you get started. Remember, you`re going to need accurate measurements.

Step 4 – To install the sink, place it upside down on the top of the dresser and mark the area with a pencil. Then drill a hole which is approximately one inch lesser than the perimeter of your marked space, so that the sink will rest properly on the dresser. However, if you have bought a vessel sink then drill a hole in the centre of the marked space only for the pipeline to connect the sink which will sit on top of the dresser.

Step 5 – Remove the drawers and make space for the sink to fit in and to connect the pipeline.

Step 6 – Place the sink on the dresser and check if it fits in properly. Then use a silicone glue to cement the sink on to the dresser perfectly.

Step 7 – Fit the hardware at the desired location in the similar way. You can even call a plumber to fit it properly if you are not comfortable doing it yourself.

Step 8 – Drill a hole at the back of the dresser through which the pipe will be running.

Step 9 – Place the dresser at the desired location in the bathroom and fit the pipe properly.

Step 10 – As your front drawers will not be functional anymore; you can nail them from inside.

For a well-rounded look, don`t forget to accessorize your new creation with a new mirror, candles or even a bowl of potpourri. To maximize the natural light coming in, place your new vanity near the bathroom window; if you`ve got windows with double glazing, then nothing like it! You can also complement the whole look to suit your UPVC window profile in the bathroom.

We love a good, old fashioned DIY project, and we love hearing your stories a lot more. Share with us if you`ve ever remodelled your home and how the process went!


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