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Design Ideas: Not Great With Colors? We’ve Got No-Fail Combos For You


Not all of us can boast of a fabulous color sense and if you are one of those people who cannot put two colors together to save your life, rest assured that you are not the only one out there. While color matching comes naturally to some people, for others it can be an extremely daunting proposition. In most cases like clothing etc, while this might not cause huge problems, it can definitely be an issue when it comes to decorating the interiors of your home.

When it comes to living room interior designs, there are a number of ready -made color references available in order to make your life easier. Whether it`s wall designs or the overall look of the living room, here are three combinations that you can safely use and never go wrong with:

  1. Neutrals: This neutral color scheme always works and gives the living room an extremely contemporary and modern look. When it comes to neutrals the trick is to use different shades of almost the same color so that everything blends in with each other and creates a calming atmosphere.
  2. Blue and Grass Green: This is the perfect combination when you want to throw in some color but also not go over the top or get too dramatic. The light color of the walls is accentuated by the slightly darker shades of the accessories to create a look that is both colorful and harmonious at the same time.
  3. Classic: Red and Beige works for anyone wanting a traditional look and the green of the plants completes the scene. The palette is a total classic and bound to fetch you compliments. The look it creates is rich and deep in its feel.

For those of you who are color challenged, it is a great option to use these schemes as reference if nothing else and come up with an interior decor statement of your own that works.

Can`t match colors? Use these options above as inspiration and start your living room decoration project today!


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