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Design Ideas: Accessorizing Your Kitchen


A neat and clean kitchen that is beautifully accessorised leaves a strong and lasting impression with your visitors, and so, we’ve pulled together a few easy accessorizing ideas that you can use.

What You’ll Need: light coloured curtain for your kitchen windows, pots, pot holders, dish towels, vase, wall art, fruit bowl and funky and classy canisters and containers.

  1. Knick-Knacks: Your kitchen should look clutter free even before you start accessorising it. So, clear the countertops and shelves and remove all that is not required from the kitchen. Buy beautiful and colourful canisters and containers to keep on the shelves. Also, you can keep a fruit bowl and some decorative pieces on the countertop.
  2. Drapery: Hang a sheer or light coloured curtain for your kitchen window as this will not restrict the amount of light coming in. If you are planning on a splurge, then you can replace your window and exterior kitchen door with stylish, designer premium windows and doors. You can contact a PVC door manufacturer and choose uPVC doors and windows of light or neutral frames with large glass panes. This will not only let in a lot of sunlight into the kitchen but also make it seem a lot more spacious.
  3. A Touch of Green: Since greenery adds a refreshing touch, you can bring in some a few indoor plants in pots and place them in strategic places with high visibility. However, stay away from keeping plants on top of cabinets that almost touch the ceiling, because watering them regularly won’t be easy! Match the colours of pot holders and dish towels that you place in the kitchen. You can also place a beautiful vase with fresh flowers near the sink or on the countertop.

Moreover, don’t leave the kitchen walls plain. Brighten up the space with wall-hangings and art, or even wall stickers, like the one below, for an entirely unique touch.

Did you like the ideas given in this write up and would like to add more tips about accessorising the kitchen? Let us know!


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