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  • Smart Cities Start With Smart Buildings

    In January 2016, the Indian government released a list of 20 smart cities for the 'Smart Cities Miss..
  • Challenges and Solutions to Developing a Smart City

    By 2050, around 66% of the world’s population will reside in urban cities. As of 2014, 32% of tota..
  • Smart Cities And Their Impact On Our Future

    A survey by the United Nations (UN) has estimated that around 54% of the world’s population lives ..
  • Smart Cities And The Internet Of Things : The Twin Technologies Powering The Future

    The Internet of Things connects cities like never before Smart cities and the Internet of Things (I..
  • What Are Smart Cities? – On The Road To A Smarter India

    The Smart City Concept The definition of a smart city can differ from country to country. A smart c..

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