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  • How To Take Care Of Windows And Doors In Summer

    Summers in India can be very harsh. Especially in the Northern and coastal areas of the country, the..
  • 5 Things to Consider Before Buying Replacement Windows

    A beautiful décor can make the interiors of your home shine with elegance and style. While it is qu..
  • Five Reasons Why People Replace House Windows

    Everybody loves to keep their homes up to date by renovating them now and then. Being a homeowner, i..
  • 5 Reasons to Choose Aluminium Windows for Your Home

    With new trends coming up in the market, the interior industry is a hotbed of innovation and creativ..
  • 5 Things to Know Before Buying uPVC Replacement Windows

    uPVC windows are increasingly becoming a popular choice for replacement windows in numerous homes ow..
  • The Most Wonderful Window Designs for Decorating Your Home

    Windows are much more than permanent fixtures for your home. From offering multiple functionalities ..
  • Latest Sliding Door Designs for Your Home This New Year

    The New Year brings with it new aspirations, goals and resolutions. And for those who love maintaini..
  • Decorating French Doors for Christmas

    Christmas is a festival celebrated with utmost zeal all over the world. What makes Christmas so love..
  • 7 Beautiful Decor Ideas with French Doors for Christmas

    With the season of joy kicking in, it’s time for everyone to rejig themselves in the embrace of wa..
  • How to Celebrate a Green And Clean Diwali?

    Amongst all these festivals that are celebrated in the country, Diwali is the most awaited one. It i..
  • 5 Feng Shui Tips For Your Nest

    Feng Shui is like magic; just a few small changes can do wonders for you. It offers easy and practi..
  • 6 Ways to Blend Floral Into your Decor

    Floral patterns are trending this year and when used well, they can bring a freshness to your home...
  • 5 Vastu Tips for Good Fortune in 2018

    The theory of  Vastu revolves around solar and celestial energies and the balancing act of these en..
  • Something’s Missing! Are Your Doors and Windows Not Matching the Decor of Your Home?

    Doors and windows are a reflection of who we are and are also a gateway to the outside world. They c..
  • 5 Exciting Ways to Revamp Your Living Room

    Revamping your living room doesn’t have to be an expensive proposition. Know more about the clever..
  • 8 Tricks to Organize Your Kitchen

    “Less is more” - How to preserve that extra square footage in your kitchen ? When space is a co..
  • Lighting At Home – Its Effect On Mood

    Light surely is a catalyst in mood change. You will notice, a room with less light will make you fee..
  • 7 Natural Ways to Keep a Purified Home!!

    While we are worrying about how polluted the world is getting and it is impossible to breathe fresh ..
  • 7 Hot Trends To Style Up Your Home This Summer

    Do you ever wish, if you could change your home décor as frequently as you change clothes to keep u..
  • Simple Ways To Transform Your Room For The Festive Season

    Bringing the festive cheer home in simple ways Diwali is the most colorful, biggest and brightest..
  • 5 Home Decor Ideas That Will Make Your House Festive Ready

    Brighten up your interiors and bring in the Diwali cheer! How to give your decor that boisterous ..
  • Is Your House Safe This Festive Season?

    Safety goes hand in hand with festivities Don’t forget to think of safety this Diwali The fe..
  • 5 Tips To Protect Your Home This Diwali

     A guide to enjoying a safer Diwali Protect your home while enjoying the festivities Diwali i..
  • Signs That You Need To Revamp Your Doors And Windows

    As homeowners, everyone wants their paint, furniture, doors and windows to last forever. But unfortu..
  • A Grand Entrance to a Grand Home

    Main door designs are not the first things that come to mind when thinking about home decorations. B..
  • Reasons To Choose UPVC Doors Over Metal Or Wooden Doors

      With the advent of UPVC doors, there are frankly no reasons to allow the old traditional w..
  • 4 Ways To Decorate Your Walls

    Sprucing up your walls can transform your home interiors If, you are considering redecorating..
  • Design Ideas: How to Create a Mosaic Backsplash at Home

    At a time when DIY ideas can help you create almost anything at home and at the same time are light ..
  • Design Ideas: How to Choose Colors You Won`t Regret

    Colors constitute a very important part of a room and can add value or spoil its look depending upon..
  • 5 Inspiring Flooring Designs For Your Home

    A flooring design chosen well can really uplift the entire look of ones home. That being said, a bad..
  • 3 Sneaky Ways to Maximize Your Storage Space

    No matter how big or small a house is storage space is always a priority. Good storage solutions add..
  • Before And After: 4 Best Kitchen Makeovers

    Getting a kitchen makeover is the stuff that interior design dreams are made of. The kitchen is one ..
  • Spring Decor Ideas For Your Entryway

    Come spring, all of us are in a cheerful bright mood. The colors of spring introduce vigor and as on..
  • How To: Make Your garage A Happier Place To Be In

    If you are one of those lucky people to have a personal garage space in your home, you know that the..
  • How To: Creating Your Own Reading Nook

    For the book lovers and readers, there is no better place in the world than a quiet corner in the ho..
  • Can Casement Windows Work For Bedrooms?

    Casement windows have for long been a popular window option for the home. Typically speaking this ki..
  • Design Ideas: How Do You Use White In Living Spaces?

    When it comes to decorating with white, a number of people are vary of using the color because of th..
  • Painted Flooring Ideas For Your Kitchen

    So, your kitchen looks great but your kitchen flooring leaves a lot to be desired. Well, help is at ..
  • Design Ideas: Not Great With Colors? We’ve Got No-Fail Combos for You

    Not all of us can boast of a fabulous color sense and if you are one of those people who cannot put ..
  • Design Ideas: 10 Ways To Make Your Kitchen More Cozy

    The kitchen is one place in the house that tends to be full of warmth. This has got a lot to do with..
  • Interior Design Ideas: The Perfect Curtain Fabrics For Winter

    With every changing season, there are certain aspects of the home that need to be taken care of. One..
  • A Neutral Palette Is not A Boring Palette

    When it comes to choosing a color palette for the office, more often than not neutral is the popular..
  • Interior Design Ideas On A Budget

    The festive season is still going on in full swing and like most people you might also be looking ou..
  • Designing Ideas – Limited furniture for a minimalist look

    Every once in a while, it`s good to take stock of the things that have accumulated at home over a wh..
  • Color Ideas for Recreating Your Living Area

    Picking the color for home interiors is very difficult and more so for the living area as it is most..
  • Creating The Clean Contemporary Decor For Your Bedroom

    When it comes to home decor, contemporary is the way to go nowadays. While how one chooses to decora..
  • How To: Repurposing Your Flea Market Vanity

    So, you found an old, run-down plain Jane of a vanity at a flea market that you think will be absolu..
  • How To: Adding Character To Your Kitchen

    A kitchen, apart from being one of the most essential rooms in a house, is also a much-loved area. K..
  • Add Instant Style with a Mix of Fabrics

    Decorating or re-decorating your home is always a fun project. Depending upon the kind of look that ..
  • Design Ideas: Fresh Paint on Old Doors

    Fresh paint adds a lease of life to your old and weary doors and beautiful designs can be created wi..
  • Design Ideas: Accessorizing Your Kitchen

    A neat and clean kitchen that is beautifully accessorised leaves a strong and lasting impression wit..
  • Design Ideas: DIY Curtains for Your Bedroom

    When it comes to bedroom interior design, curtains are an important aspect that requires your full a..
  • Just Moved? A Few Personal Touches Can Help You Settle In Faster

    Moving into a new home can always be an overwhelming experience. There are mixed emotions- on the on..
  • Make Your Home A Statement Of Art And Luxury

    For most homeowners their home is a place of pride. Ideally, it's a space they revel in and it is an..
  • Design Ideas: Headboard Designs for Your Bedrooms

    Talking about bedroom interior design, one of the ways that an individual can express their style is..
  • Want To Get Away From Cartoons? Budget Friendly Ideas for Kids Rooms

    When it comes to decorating your child's room, everything does not have to start and end with cartoo..
  • Design Ideas: Quick and Easy Shower Maintenance

    No matter how much money or creativity you put in when it comes to installing a great shower in your..
  • Design Ideas: Too Hot to be Outside? Make Yourself an Indoor Porch

    Building an indoor porch as an extension to your home is one of the best possible options when tryin..
  • Interior Design Tips: Painting Your Home? Here’s How To Get Started

    Painting can be very exciting! Changing things up with a new color in the house is a great way to fr..
  • Interior Design Tips: Fabric Curtains For Your Windows

    Small changes can make a big impact when it comes to home interiors. You can give a room or your hou..
  • Inspiring Door Design Ideas For Kid’s Room

    Done right, a door for a child's room can be a gateway to a special place another world that is all ..
  • Home Decor: organizing your office at home

    Organizing your home office can be simple if you care to plan what is most important to the time you..
  • Plan The Perfect Room For Your Kids

    Whether you're planning a bedroom, a playroom, or a combination of the two, the thought you put into..
  • Home Decor: Secure your home with wrought Iron doors

    We all want to know that our homes are secure. We've all heard the tricks about how to make things l..
  • Favorite tips for dressing Bay windows

    Bay windows project outward from an exterior wall, reaching into the outdoors to steal a little more..
  • Sliding Doors -The Smart Way To Create A Utility Area In Your Kitchen

    Create an effective utility area by choosing from clever sliding doors that can easily be incorporat..
  • Re-Use Old Windows With These Home Decor Tips

    This might come as a surprise, but it’s very much possible to re-use old windows and/or their fram..
  • Inspiring Curtain Ideas For Your Home Windows

    Your home is a reflection of your personality, with every corner of it expressing hopes, moods, emot..
  • Creating the Perfect Dining Spaces.

    Dining spaces are a classic way to celebrate your personal style. Whether you are hosting guests for..
  • Stained Glass Window -A Lost Heritage

    A Look at Some Monumental Structures with this Antique Style that is Now on the Verge of Extinction ..
  • How to Dress Up your Entry Doors?

    The exterior door says a lot about your home just like your face gives away a lot about you. Is your..
  • 4 Simple Home Decorating Ideas for the Festive Season

    With Diwali around the corner you probably need lots of home decorating ideas to keep your home lo..
  • Do tinted windows complement modern window designs for homes?

    Window designs for homes can easily be enhanced with tinted glass as the latest technology offers ma..
  • Adding Some Glamour to Your Bathroom Design

    Who says you need glamourous fittings to make your bathroom look good? An immensely personal space,..
  • Tips for Designing Your Kids Rooms

    Designing your kids rooms can be a lot of fun, but involve your children and make it fun for them to..
  • 4 Simple Tips On Garden Design

    If you're one of the few fortunate people in India that actually has a garden, here are a few tips o..
  • Baby Room Design Ideas

    Doing up your baby`s room is almost as exciting as the idea of the little one arriving. Here are a f..
  • How to get creative with Interior Doors

    When it comes to the humble door, you don`t have to stick with the same old options you see everywhe..
  • Home Decor: A new look for an old Front door

    Whether it's worn down, sun-faded, cracking paint or merely isn't your style anymore, an old front d..
  • Home Decor: Summer and Patio Furniture

    Summer-time brings perfect opportunities to spend time outside. Enjoy your patio as an extension of ..
  • Home Decor: Hotel Style Makeovers

    When going on vacation, you expect the comforts of home at a hotel. But because they are designed to..
  • 3 ways to take care of your balcony doors

    Balcony doors are a beautiful addition to your home, but maintenance is the only way to ensure they ..
  • Interior Design trends: Modern Doors

    Your entrance doors are one of the first things your guests see and should say something about your ..
  • Tips For Bay Window Treatments In The Living Room

    In today`s homes, bay windows are some of the biggest windows you`ll find. Their size and shape, how..
  • How lighting can affect the way you paint your room

    Lighting can be inspiring. It can raise property value. And it can also shrink a room into a dungeon..
  • Design Ideas: Lighting Ideas for Your Outdoor Parties

    When it comes to outdoor parties, lighting does not necessarily have to be just for illumination pur..
  • Design Ideas: You’ve Built Your Summer Porch. Now accessorize it!

    So, you have finally gotten yourself an outdoor porch. It is likely to be an area of the house that..
  • Design Ideas: Creating Conversation Pieces for Your Living Room

    Creating a personal style statement by incorporating some conversation pieces into the living room i..
  • Design Ideas: Frosted Glass Doors For Your Entrance

    Frosted glass doors can add a spectacular appearance to your entrance. The market today is flooded w..
  • Design Ideas: Space Saving Tips for Your Bedroom

    No matter how big a bedroom is, you can still be strapped for space if it's been designed with a "ba..
  • Give an Artistic Style to your Rooms with Wallpaper and Carved Doors

    Just like everything else, the world of interior design is ever evolving. There are new trends that ..
  • Wallpaper Designs to Pep up Your Kids’ Room

    Gone are the days when the decorating the kids` room meant adding a bunk bed and throwing in some so..
  • Get Wild and Imaginative With Your Home This Summer

    Home interior decorating is an art. In addition to that it is also a personal expression. For every ..
  • Feel like Royalty at the Dining Table with Plush Chairs

    The dining room in any household has always enjoyed a place of pride. Whether we look at old, histor..
  • Design Ideas: How Do You Resurface Your Kitchen Countertops?

    Your kitchen is an area of constant activity, due to which countertops can wear out pretty fast. Con..
  • Design Ideas: Turn Your Old Bathroom Dresser into a New Vanity

    Discerning tastes are difficult to satisfy, especially when it comes to home interiors and design. I..
  • Design Ideas: How to Prep Your Patio for the Monsoons

    When the monsoon finally arrives with its full force, along with enjoying its beauty you will have t..
  • Picking Curtain Fabrics? It’s Not That Easy! 3 Things For You To Consider

    Curtains are much more than an accessory for your windows. They are a necessity, an essential elemen..
  • Interior Design Tips: Dark Curtains For Complete Privacy

    Curtains in a room serve a number of purposes, least of which is privacy. However, from a design poi..
  • How To: Entrance Door Decorations For Your Themed Parties

    Theme parties can be a lot of fun. Not only do they instill the fun element in a party, they also gi..
  • Planning Your Summer Garden

    Gardening is considered therapeutic by a lot of people. In a lot of ways, though, it's a paradox. Wh..
  • Design Ideas: The Perfect Lighting For Your Home Office

    When it comes to the interior design of your home office, lighting can play a big role. Talking abou..
  • Free Time This Weekend? We’ve Got a Few Simple DIY Projects for You!

    So, you have some time on your hands this weekend. While weekends are usually a time to relax and un..
  • Ombres Everywhere! But Is It The Right Choice For Your Entrance Door?

    The entrance door of your home or office is the first visual point of contact that can help create a..
  • Bay Window Draperies – Uplifting your Bedroom`s Decor

    We love our bay windows at Fenesta, and even though we think they`re perfect just as they are, somet..
  • Bedroom Designing Ideas – Budgeting a Romantic Look

    Creating a romantic look for your bedroom does not always have to be a project that will burn a hole..
  • All About Panel Draperies

    Using panel draperies to create a fuller look for the curtains in ones home is a great idea. When it..
  • Throwing A BBQ This Winter? Here’s How To Prep Your Balcony

    BBQ's are a great way to hang out with friends in the summer season or even to have something for yo..
  • Secrets To A Clutter Free Home

    No matter how organized we are, at some point all of us have struggled with having too much. This to..
  • How To Create Contemporary Designs For Your Bedroom ?

    No matter where one looks for interior design inspiration, whether it is a magazine, over the web or..
  • How To Create A Nature Inspired Kitchen ?

    The process of interior design and especially when it comes to ones' own home involves taking inspir..
  • How To Baby Proof Your Home?

    With a child in the home, especially an infant, one needs to make sure that the surroundings are bab..
  • 5 Tips to Clean Your Home After the Festival Season

    Getting back in order after the celebrations Snippets of paper, ribbon, tissue paper, organza, pi..
  • Creating comic inspired activity corners for kids

    The fantasy world of superheroes has assumed a whole new dimension. Moving beyond the world of writt..
  • Creating an impressionistic bedroom

    Homeowners nowadays have significantly warmed up to the idea of creating lavish bedrooms. Spaces as ..
  • 5 best areas for creating reading nooks

    While the book worms don't really need a dedicated place for reading, a room without a reading nook ..
  • Interesting Storage Spaces

    Irrespective of whether you have a small or big house, a little more storage space is always welcome..
  • Creating a Safe Nursery for Your Newborn

    Having a baby is one of the best experiences for every parent and they always want to ensure their b..
  • All You Need To Know About A Modular House

    For those who are not aware, a modular home is one where all the components are factory manufactured..
  • Design Ideas: Why Bold is Better. 5 Fresh New Design Ideas for You!

    Neutral colors and muted shades have dominated home decor and interiors all this while, but lately, ..
  • 10 Home Cleaning Tips

    10 Simple Home-cleaning Tips for Working Professionals Balance your home and work with ease c of s..
  • Smart Home Technology For A Better Future

    Smarts Home Technology for a Better Future Right from earlier days to the microwave era - we have c..
  • 10 Home Improvement Trends For 2016

    10 HOME IMPROVEMENT TRENDS FOR 2016 Home is the nicest word there is. You love every aspect of it. ..
  • Gardening Without a Garden? 5 Ideas for Balcony Gardens

    With a balcony garden, get one step closer to nature Do you aspire for a serene moment amidst rel..

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