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  • Welcome Festivals Through Artistic Doors And Windows!

    Spruce up your home with these artistic pieces As the festival season is nearing, many plan on gett..
  • 6 Tips To Protect Your Home This Monsoon

    The monsoons have arrived and they have announced their entry with aplomb. While the showers are wel..
  • 8 Fenestration Design Ideas for Buildings

    A guide for aesthetically pleasing functional spaces Fenestration means the arrangement of windows,..
  • Significance Of Adequate Daylight In Buildings

    A brighter ambience for an inspiring and healthy atmosphere. Our busy lives have realigned our prio..
  • 5 Uses of Meshwork in Your Home

    These types of durable and versatile mesh panels can complement your interiors and exteriors without..
  • 7 Elements of an Ideal Home

    Building a house may be the start to your dream, but making it into a home takes discerning skill an..
  • Design Ideas: How to Create a Mosaic Backsplash at Home

    At a time when DIY ideas can help you create almost anything at home and at the same time are light ..
  • What Makes Glass Flooring So Appealing?

    There was a time that when it came to flooring options wood or tiles were the most popular. While th..
  • What Is The Best Glass For Warm Climates?

    When it comes to the structure of the house, most people are looking for stuff that can best serve t..
  • Before And After: 4 Best Kitchen Makeovers

    Getting a kitchen makeover is the stuff that interior design dreams are made of. The kitchen is one ..
  • 5 Places You can Install Folding Doors At Home

    The popularity of folding sliding doors comes from the fact that they offer a number of distinct adv..
  • How To: Creating Your Own Reading Nook

    For the book lovers and readers, there is no better place in the world than a quiet corner in the ho..
  • Design Ideas: Not Great With Colors? We’ve Got No-Fail Combos for You

    Not all of us can boast of a fabulous color sense and if you are one of those people who cannot put ..
  • It Is Winter Outside! You Deserve A Window That Keeps You Warm

    So, it`s that time of the year again. Winter is on its way and setting in, slowly but surely. If thi..
  • Interior Design Ideas On A Budget

    The festive season is still going on in full swing and like most people you might also be looking ou..
  • Designing Work Space – Know What`s In

    Do you know that a boring and stuffy work space can be one of the major reason of low productivity i..
  • Designing Ideas – Limited furniture for a minimalist look

    Every once in a while, it`s good to take stock of the things that have accumulated at home over a wh..
  • Ergonomics and Workplace Design

    Key focus must be on comfort and safety Office Ergonomics Ergonomics, which aims to make a t..
  • The Best Window Decals For School Windows

    Window decals are a great way of decorating school windows. They can add a lot of character and colo..
  • Design Ideas: How To Build a Wooden Valance

    Out of the very large number of DIY home decor projects that one might decide to undertake, building..
  • Can UPVC Doors Work In Hotels?

    UPVC (unplasticised poly vinyl chloride) doors are a very popular choice as home doors. The reason f..
  • How To: Creating a Backyard Getaway

    Having a backyard to dress up and get creative with is an exciting proposition. Depending upon the k..
  • What Makes UPVC The Perfect Pick For Your Home?

    When it comes to windows and doors in your house, UPVC, also called double-glazing is a great option..
  • Add Instant Style with a Mix of Fabrics

    Decorating or re-decorating your home is always a fun project. Depending upon the kind of look that ..
  • Top 5 Tips For Staying Safe And Secure In Hotels

    Safety is one of the most important factors for anyone while traveling- whether it's one's own or of..
  • Design Ideas: Fresh Paint on Old Doors

    Fresh paint adds a lease of life to your old and weary doors and beautiful designs can be created wi..
  • Window Lock – An Important Constituent of Windows Interior

    The interior design of the window is not limited to its frame and panes but also includes window loc..
  • What Makes PVC A Better Option for Tilt and Turn Windows?

    Windows are an essential component of every house performing certain vital functions along with addi..
  • Design Ideas: Accessorizing Your Kitchen

    A neat and clean kitchen that is beautifully accessorised leaves a strong and lasting impression wit..
  • How To: Growing Your Balcony Garden

    In today's space strapped world, very few of us have the luxury of owning a standalone house with an..
  • Is Contemporary Interior Design About Form Or Function?

    House interior design is an ever evolving and ever changing phenomenon. Interior design styles are u..
  • Design Ideas: Capturing Changing Seasons at Your Bay Window

    Adding a bay window to your bedroom or living room is an excellent option, both in terms of design a..
  • Design Ideas: Quick and Easy Shower Maintenance

    No matter how much money or creativity you put in when it comes to installing a great shower in your..
  • How To: Installing a Backsplash for Your Kitchen

    A creative tile backsplash has found a permanent place in kitchen interior design as it can do wond..
  • Design Ideas: Too Hot to be Outside? Make Yourself an Indoor Porch

    Building an indoor porch as an extension to your home is one of the best possible options when tryin..
  • Interior Design Tips: Painting Your Home? Here’s How To Get Started

    Painting can be very exciting! Changing things up with a new color in the house is a great way to fr..
  • Interior Design Tips: Frosted Glass Doors For Cabinets

    Cabinets with glass doors are making a comeback in modern home interior design, with frosted glass b..
  • Inspiring Door Design Ideas For Kid’s Room

    Done right, a door for a child's room can be a gateway to a special place another world that is all ..
  • Window Designs: Store-Bought or Custom Made?

    To buy windows from a window manufacturer or have them custom made by an interior designer is a clas..
  • 5 Mistakes to Avoid While Buying a New Home

    Look at the Finer Aspects of a Home Because God is in the Detail Buying a home is a long-term inves..
  • 5 Spaces Where You Can Best Use Frosted Glass In Your Home

    Frosted windows are a beautiful solution for homeowners who want privacy, better light control and a..
  • Creating the Perfect Dining Spaces.

    Dining spaces are a classic way to celebrate your personal style. Whether you are hosting guests for..
  • The Mystique Gothic-Styled Windows

    An Overview of the Old-World Style that is Still Mesmerizing and Enchanting Have you ever noticed t..
  • Is Your House Disaster-Proof?

    An Overview of How to Ensure your House Remains Safe During Natural Calamities According to the Wo..
  • Adding Some Glamour to Your Bathroom Design

    Who says you need glamourous fittings to make your bathroom look good? An immensely personal space,..
  • 4 Simple Tips On Garden Design

    If you're one of the few fortunate people in India that actually has a garden, here are a few tips o..
  • Wrought Iron Entrance Doors

    Your home's entrance is the first impression on your guests and the threshold you pass through every..
  • Apartment Window Design for Balcony

    A balcony in an apartment can be a focal point, a thing of beauty, and it doesn`t take a lot of comp..
  • Planning Home Renovation: Try Bi-Fold Doors With Glass Option

    If you're getting a little bit bored with your existing doors, whether interior or exterior, make yo..
  • Interior Design trends: Modern Doors

    Your entrance doors are one of the first things your guests see and should say something about your ..
  • How lighting can affect the way you paint your room

    Lighting can be inspiring. It can raise property value. And it can also shrink a room into a dungeon..
  • Design Ideas: Space Saving Tips for Your Bedroom

    No matter how big a bedroom is, you can still be strapped for space if it's been designed with a "ba..
  • Wallpaper Designs to Pep up Your Kids’ Room

    Gone are the days when the decorating the kids` room meant adding a bunk bed and throwing in some so..
  • Design Ideas: Sliding Doors with an Asian Touch

    There are a number of design ideas that can be incorporated into sliding doors. Sliding doors are po..
  • Summer And Mosquitoes Need Window Grill

    The importance of window grills and window locks can never be undermined especially in the summer s..
  • The Best Countertops For High Activity Kitchens

    The counter tops in a kitchen get the most wear and tear. That's the one space which sees most of th..
  • How to Create a Colorful Garden

    Creating a colourful garden is fun and exciting, and for the most part, all that you require to make..
  • 3 Easy Landscaping Ideas

    Landscaping your front yard is a great way to create a connection with nature and to enhance the bea..
  • Kitchen Countertops: Quartz Vs Granite

    Countertops are an important part of the kitchen and the material you choose for them affects the wh..
  • It’s Time to Replace Your Drafty Old Windows with Energy-Efficiency

    Old rickety windows that let in the draft- both hot and cold can be the bane of any household. Not o..
  • Treat Yourself To Your Dream Master Bedroom

    The master bedroom in a home is one of the most important rooms with a very significant reason: it's..
  • Interior Design Tips: Dark Curtains For Complete Privacy

    Curtains in a room serve a number of purposes, least of which is privacy. However, from a design poi..
  • The Benefits Of Tinting Your Windows

    The idea of tinting your home windows is something that might be new to several people. Tinted glass..
  • Smart Interior Design Tricks To Make Your Space Look Bigger

    You don`t need a degree in interior design to make your home look bigger than it is. There are a f..
  • 5 Best Practices For Keeping Your Home Safe

    The safety of one's home is of paramount importance at all times. No matter what, one of the things ..
  • What Makes Sliding Doors Perfect For Small City Apartments?

    The fact the size of city apartments is literally shrinking by the hour is something that we are all..
  • Creating a Stunning Sun Room for Your Home with French Windows

    Adding a sunroom to a house is a great way of enjoying the outdoors without having to go out. If one..
  • City Living Isn’t Easy. Here’s How To Get a Good Night’s Sleep

    For a majority of people living in the bigger cities, the thought of sleeping in a completely noise ..
  • Design Ideas: The Perfect Lighting For Your Home Office

    When it comes to the interior design of your home office, lighting can play a big role. Talking abou..
  • The Weather Getting on Your Nerves? We’re Here.

    The weather affects all of us in more ways than one. It affects our daily lives, our moods and to a ..
  • The Benefits Of Glazed Windows

    At any point when one is thinking of replacing old windows or putting in new ones in a new construct..
  • Throwing A BBQ This Winter? Here’s How To Prep Your Balcony

    BBQ's are a great way to hang out with friends in the summer season or even to have something for yo..
  • Secrets To A Clutter Free Home

    No matter how organized we are, at some point all of us have struggled with having too much. This to..
  • Design Ideas: What`s Better for Your Kitchen? Granite or Quartz?

    Kitchen and countertops go hand in hand. So, it is extremely imperative to choose the right stone so..
  • All You Need to Know About Triple Glazing

    Triple glazing has become extremely popular and is one of the preferred options for windows, today. ..
  • How To Create Contemporary Designs For Your Bedroom ?

    No matter where one looks for interior design inspiration, whether it is a magazine, over the web or..
  • Creating comic inspired activity corners for kids

    The fantasy world of superheroes has assumed a whole new dimension. Moving beyond the world of writt..
  • 3 best surrealistic rooms to be found

    A sheer delight to the eyes, surreal room spaces are often breathtaking and mind boggling. The zenit..
  • 5 best areas for creating reading nooks

    While the book worms don't really need a dedicated place for reading, a room without a reading nook ..
  • Interesting Storage Spaces

    Irrespective of whether you have a small or big house, a little more storage space is always welcome..
  • How to Create a Nature Themed Bathroom

    Nature themed bathrooms can be a huge stress reliever if designed in a planned way. We may not spend..
  • Make Your Own Kitchen Garden

    For those people who have the space around their kitchen area, creating a nice small kitchen garden ..
  • Modern Architectural Designs

    Modern Designs for the Urban Dweller With technological advancements and a growing emphasis on mode..
  • Indoor Air Quality And Its Significance At Home

    Breathe Fresh and Live Healthy Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) refers to air quality within and around the..

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