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Bedroom Interior Design

Bedroom design ideas for different looks

Your bedroom is such an integral part of your life, that if your bedroom designs don't correspond with your tastes, it's likely to adversely affect your mood. When you are doing bedroom interior design, it is better not to blindly follow trends. Instead evaluate what sort of look really appeals to your personality and plan your bedroom interior designs accordingly.

Modern Art Deco: The Art Deco style was popular in the '20's and 50's and has made a huge comeback over the last decade. This style essentially uses straight, sleek lines and geometric patterns, mirror and chrome. The style usually appeals to younger people.

If you want to do your bedroom design this way, choose a bed that is a simple square resting on a wooden frame. Your headboard could be simply rectangular or you could have a faux leather headboard. Faux Leather is easy to clean and maintain. You side tables can be a continuation of your wooden headboard or be stand alone pieces.

All shelves in the room must be simple planks fitted into the wall with minimalistic accessories.

Rustic: For a rustic English countryside room, choose light coloured wooden laminate flooring cedar or pine. Similarly, keep the bed, the side tables and the dresser in light coloured wood. Ideally you should have a four poster bed. What's important here is the linen in the room. Use pristine white linen for the bed and white sheer curtains. Keep a wicker dust bin in the room. Keep an old trunk or a bench with distressed paint at the foot of the bed. If you must have some colour in the room designs, introduce a fresh hue like lime green or turquoise. Place a lime green chair and rug in the room. These will stand out wonderfully against white and your room will always be a welcome sight. Finish the look with a bunch of cheerful daisies on the dresser.

For an Indian rustic look, let the flooring be of wooden laminate, marble or vitrified tiles. Get a four poster bed with a canework head board. The dresser and cupboard should be made of the same wood as the bed. Accessorize with bamboo mats or 'chatais' for the rug and placemats. Use a bed cover with an ethnic print. Let the interior windows be dressed in bamboo blinds.

Classical: If you like a classical bedroom design, this is easy to do too. The classical bedroom looks more ornate and appeals to an older generation of people. Choose furniture that is carved – this is true for the bed, dresser and chair in the bedroom. Place an ornate settee at the foot of the bed. Place a large chandelier in the centre of the bedroom. This will illuminate the room well and also grab attention. Use a thick bedcover with tassels to add to the opulence of the room and accessorise with crystal photo frames and vases.

The ideas given above are easy to use. Even if you don't have all the designer furniture mentioned above, a simple replacement of accessories will help you achieve the look you want. Happy experimenting!


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