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The bathroom is really your personal space. Thankfully it has transformed from being a white clinical place to one that is slick, visually appealing and as given to experimentation as the bedroom is. Here are a few interior design ideas for doing up your bathroom. Common to all of them are two mantras – quality and contrast.

Tiles: There are so many tiles that have flooded the market such as Chinese, Indian, premium, affordable, ceramic, laminate, glossy and matte. Choose tiles according to your budget and taste. For modern interior design, buy tiles in dimensions of 2' x 1'. Stick to neutral colours – your bathroom will look slicker. A common favourite is laminate tiles with a matte stone finish in beige, slate or light grey. Buy tiles of good quality – the investment will be worth it.

Highlighter Tiles: Modern bathrooms simply cannot do without a highlighter. A highlighter tile is one which complements the main tiles in the bathroom. It serves as an accent piece either all around the bathroom or on one wall. For a truly dramatic effect, place the highlighter tiles one below the other from ceiling to floor, in at least 2 feet width, right behind the basin or the WC. Another popular place to put the highlighter tiles is on one wall of the shower area.

Shower: Separate the shower area either with a simple shower curtain, glass partition or cubicle. Install a rain shower if your budget permits it.

Basin & WC: Many people make the mistake of matching their sanitaryware to their tiles. For instance, beige tiles = beige basin. Stick to safe white or off-white, no matter what the colour scheme of your tiles is. These always look good, offer a wonderful contrast and remain classic.

For an ultra-modern look, get a countertop basin in clean lines and rest it on a wooden vanity. The wooden vanity not only looks chic and gives you storage space, but also covers the unsightly pipe under the basin.

Accessories: Remember, the rule of the game is contrast, contrast, contrast. Never buy accessories like soap dispensers, vases, toothbrush holders in the same colour as the tiles. Always buy them in a colour that will stand out distinctly. For instance, if your tiles are dark grey or slate, buy accessories in stark white or steel. You could place a red flower in a vase or a red scented candle for a little dash of colour and an additional contrast.

Fittings: Invest in good quality fittings. This will save you the trouble of replacing them again and again, especially if you live in a city where the water is hard. Hard and saline water leaves deposits on fittings which eventually harden and become white or green.

Exhaust and Windows: Ventilation is an important aspect while building a bathroom. Nowadays exhausts are compact and effective. Buy dust-proof, waterproof windows so that you bathroom remains easy to maintain.

With the interior design tips given above, you will never have to cringe again when showing visitors the bathroom. Instead, it will be a space that looks as 'designer' as the rest of your home.


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