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Add Instant Style With A Mix Of Fabrics


Decorating or re-decorating your home is always a fun project. Depending upon the kind of look that you want to go for, there are choices galore available in the market and you can choose to your heart’s content.

Whether you are looking for window blinds, any kind of interior lighting or even something as off-beat as energy efficient windows, there is something out there to suit all tastes and preference.

When looking to add style and grace to your home, a very good option is to mix different fabrics. A mix and match of fabrics for your upholstery, and furnishings not only adds color and texture, it also helps a great deal in breaking the monotony of a room.

While there is no set formula on how to go about the mixing process there are certain guidelines that you can follow to create a great look. It makes complete sense to start with a large-scale pattern and choose a fabric in your favorite colors in order to establish the basic palette. One way to go about it is to use the pattern in abundance and solids as add-ons. Other option is to go mostly solid with patterns used in upholstery or accessories.

A good option also to use is textured fabrics. From linens to quilted cottons, there are a number of options and they can add interest to a room dramatically. One of the things to focus on is to stick to the color palette that you have already established and play around with that. There is no dearth to what fabrics you can use and patterns can range from stripes, solids, geometric shapes and floral.

It`s important to stick to your instinct and not try to do too much at the same time. Pick a few patterns and fabrics and play around with those. Once you have decided what you want, lay it around for a few days and re-visit it. If it still looks good, you have a winner.

Want to redecorate your home? Choose from a great mix of colors and fabrics available and start your project today itself.


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